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We offer a small selection of children's mobile games that can be played at school, in the yard, in the park, in the garden or in the country.

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Master-class "Use of non-standard equipment in classes on prevention and correction of flat-footed preschool children"
Relevance: The foot is the support, the foundation of the body, and its violation necessarily affects the formation of the whole organism.
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"Pencil in gift to the Pope" master class.

Salted dough is a very plastic and affordable material in working with children and rightfully enjoys great success among educators. We with guys have made different pencils in a gift to fathers, grandfathers.

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"Funny lambs!" Master class on making pencils

I present to your attention pencils with New Year theme
Such pencils will decorate your house, create a New Year's mood for adults and children!
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Children who are not confronted with people with disabilities in the family or in the immediate surroundings are of interest to people who are somewhat different from them. Children 2-3 years may not notice signs of illness until someone indicates them or if these signs are not very obvious (for example, a person moves on crutches or a wheelchair, wearing dark glasses and a white stick).

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Sports entertainment: "Journey through the Land of Health" for children 6-7 years old

Purpose: to consolidate previousy acquired knowledge on the preservation and promotion of health.
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Objective: to teach children the letter Ff; distinguish it in words; learning to write a printed letter; to consider the number of words with the letter Ff
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Meeting of the parent club "Family values"
Expansion of opportunities for the formation of family values and traditions.

• talk with parents about the family, family traditions and their importance in the upbringing and development of the child;

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Children love to make New Year's items by hand.
It brings up their sense of holidays, confidence; develops labor skills. These items can be made under the tutelage of the teacher or parents. Good holidays to you!
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A gift to the child for memory
Molds in a frame frame

I want to share with you our joyful first, good gift for a little daughter. My dad and I decided to make a present for our baby, moldings in a frame, a memory of a happy childhood for a lifetime. Casts and photographs are used six months old baby.
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