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Session objectives: to Consolidate the complex of exercises with the ball; improve your skills jumping on two legs; to develop fine motor skills, to foster a desire to engage in physical activity.

Equipment: a set of balls (one for each child, a ball of large diameter.

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Synopsis of sports and sports entertainment, "Dad, mom, I — sporting family"

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Objective: in children of the muses. hearing the singing voice, creativity.
1) to Teach the techniques of playing the children's musical. tools and instruments - homemade products.
2) to Develop the ability to move in accordance with the character of the music and rhythmic pulsations.
3) a sense of compassion for others ' distress.
4) to Develop emotional responsiveness to instrumental classical music.
5) to Develop the vocal apparatus and the purity of intonation of the song "Penguin".
6) Develop a sense of rhythm through sounding gestures.
7) Learn the first figure of the dance "Funny palms" through games.

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Objective: to familiarize the children with the musical culture and traditions of Spain.
- to broaden the horizons of children through exploring music and dance culture of Spain.
-to acquaint children with the national traditions (masquerade, corrida, Carnaval) and folk costumes of Spain.

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The aim of the lesson: to awaken interest in the musical art, of musical activity.

Software the content. To continue to develop: the creativity of children inventing their own melodies when greeting; to develop the speech of the children. To continue to work movement: side gallop, fractional step, dance moves with attributes (handkerchiefs) .

Material: trees, handkerchiefs on the number of children, tape recorder, audio cassette, portraits of composers, Julia doll, musical material.

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Synopsis "Music" on the theme "Spring" for children – middle age


- Consolidation of knowledge of children about the spring in all types of musical activity.


- Development of emotional and figurative perception of music.

- Formation of vocal skills.

- Consolidation of acquired motor skills.

- Develop creative potential, the children's individuality.

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Mathematical game "ladybugs".

Objective: to Secure ideas about the part numbers of the two smaller numbers (within 10) .

Material: cards with the image of a Ladybird and the wings with dots.

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Purpose: to Introduce with the quantitative composition of the number 3 of units.
To introduce with the composition of the number 3.
To consolidate the ability to write the numbers 1, 2, the signs " + " and "-".
To learn to formulate arithmetic.
Learning to understand the task and solve it yourself.
To form skills of self-monitoring and self-evaluation.

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Goal: familiarity with the ordinal value of the number
Educational objectives:
- continue to learn to read within 8 in English and Chuvash languages;
- learn to compare objects by two attributes size (length, width, height)
- learn to identify the results of the comparison words: longer, wider, shorter, already, between, left-right;
Educational objectives:
- to form positive motivation to participate in educational activities.
- to strengthen the knowledge of traffic rules (the ability to cross the road at traffic lights) ;
- to educate and goodwill to all road users.
Educational objectives:
- to develop observation, attention, imagination.

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Tasks: to form an idea of how significant symptom of the phenomenon, to develop abstract imagination, like memory, associative thinking by analogy.
To encourage an aesthetic attitude to the figures, interest in design, to continue to teach children to reason, to think logically, to justify the selected decision options, and to promote emotional rapprochement of adults and children, to cultivate in children the ability to communicate kindly.
Equipment: Mathematical theater in a box, a doll – figure
The king Unit, picture oak, oak leaves, drawings, riddles, figures of animals for showing tales "Different wheels".

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