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2016-07-03, 11:34:54

Goal: repeat of "Toys", "Colors".

To practice the use of grammatical structure "I have got...". To learn the new letters: Qq, Rr. To form communicative competence. Develop the oral communication skills. To educate diligence, careful attitude to toys.

Equipment: flash cards ABC drawings on the theme "Toys", poster Colors, audio recording.

The lesson I. the Preparation of perception of foreign speech. 1) Greeting T: Hello, everyone! I'm glad to see you! P: Hello! We are glad to see you too! T: How are you today? Come here and show us a picture with your mood. ( Pupils go to the Board and choose the picture with the smiley face that shows the mood ). P1: I am fine, thank you. P2: I am so-so. 2) the Phonetic warm-up T: Repeat after me: [g]. I'll say a word. You have to listen. If you'll hear this sound [g], clap your hands. Let's try! 3) Lexical warm-up Poem: I see monkey I see dog I see mouse I see frog. II. The main part of the lesson 1) the Announcement of the topic and lesson objectives T: Today we are going to review our lexical material and we'll learn new letters. By the end of the lesson you'll be able to name the letter “Q” and letter “R”. 2) the Repetition of colors 1. The activity “Guess the missing word (Teacher says the rhyme about the color, and students name the missing word – color) Detergent company Tide English will be ... .(white) Sea, where is Artek English will be ... .(black) The forest and valleys English will be ... .(green) The color of the animals and mice English will be ... .(grey) And aunt Bella Favorite color ... .(yellow) Sky I love Its color is ... .(blue) A bear named Brave Color chose ... .(brown) 2. Proposals “It is ...” 3. Exercise “What colour is it?”

4. The game "Colored dominoes" (One part of the bone is shaded in a certain colour and the other contains the English word that you want to combine with color The next bone) 3) the Repetition of the names of the toys 1. T: Repeat after me: a doll, a car, a plane, a teddy-bear, a ball, a train. 2. Proposals “It is...” “I have got ...” 3. Hearing the song “Toys” T: What toys did you hear in this song? P1: a car P2: a doll 4. The game “What is missing?” (The teacher hides the toy, and the students must guess it by asking the question “Is it ....?”) • Physical activities and training (Song-dance of “Hokey-Pokey”) 4) Study new cards letters Q Q, R R 1. Repeat the learned letters (The teacher shows cards with letters, and the pupils in turn to call them ) 2. Showing and explaining the new letters 3. Choral and individual repetition of letters Q Q, R R 4. Exercise “Point and sing” (Students point to the letters and sing a song about them) The Q says [kw], the Q says [kw] Every letter makes a sound And the Q says [kw] 5. Prescription new letters in the notebook III. The final part of the lesson 1. The end of the lesson - What are the new letters we reviewed today? - What are the names of the toys you know? Name them in English. - What we liked on our lesson? 2. Song T: let's sing our Good-bye song”

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