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Wandering Snowflakes 2018
2017-12-17, 14:46:23
Wandering Snowflakes

The lesson hides the development of student speech, the ability to build sentences; develops attention from schoolchildren; thinking. Children learn to make a snowflake.

Purpose of the lesson:
Contribute to the development of students' speech, to form a versatile conception of nature. Develop a positive emotional attitude to the knowledge of the environment. To bring up love for nature, a careful attitude to the environment. To teach students to see and feel the beauty of nature. Encourage children to work, learn to compose fairy tales and stories.

Motivation of educational activity, actualization of reference knowledge of students
White sled has fallen
Jumpers in those sleighs are white.
In the sleigh of those sitting queen
White-footed, white-haired.
Sleeps waving
Silver covers everything around. (Winter).

- Do you like this time of year? What?

The word of the teacher.
Indeed, how good are all around - shiny icicles, snakery snowflakes, mysterious pitchers. The fairy-tale beauty of winter attracts, excites, embarrasses our imagination.

Announcement of the lesson topic
Today, in the classroom, we must not only see this beauty, but also describe it. We need to remember what color of winter, crystal bell, create an image of winter beauty, and most importantly, pick up the exact words.

The gentle star is snow white
On my sleeve I flew up.
While nose her here
It was a drop of water. (Snowflake).

- Why do you think this is a snowflake?
- What is a similar snowflake?
- Here we make a piece about a snowflake.

Study of new material.
The worst winter creation is snowflakes!

- And you know how they are formed?
- Are you admiring snowflakes?
- What are they?

Snowflakes are mostly in the form of plates - hexagons, 3-, 6-, 12-beam stars, columns, pyramids, needles, resembling branches of ferns. Scientists have collected a huge collection of microphotographs, which can hold over 5,000 snapshots of photos that are not similar to each other.

- Why sip a snow?

Some look like beautiful stars; others are fantastic flowers. Snowflakes are composed of many small ice crystals. Although these crystals are very small, and when they break, a crack is heard.

Of course, if one snowflake breaks, sound can not be heard; but when on a frosty day you go snowy on the street, hundreds of thousands of snowflakes break under your feet. Then you will hear that the snow is digging.

Today we will be writing a story or story about a snowflake.

- What parts of the story is composed of? (closure, main part, limb).
- And if it's a fairy tale?
- How does the fairy tale begin? (I lived for myself ...)
- What happens to a hero? (falls into trouble ...)
- What helps the hero? (Some miracle)
- What ends all fairy tales? (Good triumphs over evil).
And the story and the story is called - the title.

We will write an essay on the theme "Snowflake Journey".

Dictionary work.
Let's look for a snowflake with words synonyms: sparkling, fluffy, ballerina. lens, diamond.

By the word snowflake we will get adjectives: fluffy, white, cold, silver, large, small.

- Remember the snowflake in the air?
- What do snowflakes do? (Flying, spinning, knitting, descending, dancing, fluttering).

Discussion of plots of the work.
a) A snowman was caught on a warm palm boy.
b) Snowflake led a round dance with his girlfriends.
c) A snowflake with the girlfriends covered the fields to save the bread from frost.

Independent work of students.
Lesson summary.

Reading works by students.

From the sky flew a snowflake to the ground. She was light and gentle, like a fluff. And beautiful, like a star. There was a boy on the ground. He saw a snowflake falling.

The boy extended his hand. He wanted to have a snowflake fit. And she fell to the warm, good arm and laid it down.

The boy looked at his hand with a pity.

A droplet shone like a tear on her palm.

Tasks for students. Dummy snowflake.
Students are given a piece of paper with half of the drawn snowflake. The task is to house the second part.

the snowflake should be that way. Teacher gives a sample of a finished snowflake.

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