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The wonderful world of space 2018
2016-09-01, 18:11:40
The course class hours.
- Since ancient times man has dreamed up in the sky. Thousands and thousands of people have tried to build a machine for flight. Even Leonardo da Vinci drew the first flying machine. But the first space flew to the Russian people.

But first, scientists sent a space uncertainty of various animals. The first "astronauts" - scouts were dogs, rabbits, insects, and even microbes. The first little mouse – cosmonaut stayed on the Ground almost the whole day. Her black fur had white hair. They turned gray from cosmic rays, but the mouse came back alive. After the flight of the mouse came the dogs are more intelligent animals than mice and rabbits. But not every dog is fit for flight. We need to find such that the size of it was little more than a cat to weigh 4 – 6 kg, so it was no more than 2 – 3 years, and that she had blonde hair – it is better seen in a film camera. Pedigree dogs for hard of tests were not good: they are too pampered and capricious. Affectionate, calm and hardy pooch is best suited for space experiments. In the dog space the unit each day was my training. The dogs were taught not to be afraid of shaking and noise, to endure heat and cold, light and have lots of other things. Best passed "exams" smart and brave dog Laika. For it has built a special rocket, which was the supply of food, water and air. 3 Nov 1959, and Husky put on a special suit, and the rocket took a brave scout into space. About dog health, scientists have learned with the help of special devices that have been installed on the rocket. Laika from space never came back. After Laika flew into space and the other dogs Belka and Strelka, Chernushka and Zvezdochka, Pchelka and Mushka, all of them returned to Earth. And on April 12, 1961 Yuri A. Gagarin made the ship a complete revolution around the planet in 108 minutes, and safely returned to Earth.

He entered into the space provided

And glorified a feat of the age,

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin,

Our simple Soviet people.

On the "East" -ship cruise

The flag was carried by it's mother – country...

The world's first astronaut

The people of the Earth admire.

Gagarin was not the only one who was prepared to fly into space. The Board selected him on many criteria. Gagarin was approached for the role of man, worthy to represent our country before the world.

That's such a great event dedicated to our homeroom. And it will be held in the form of games. You have divided into teams. What team will be the most space?

1 contest "Submission instructions".

Each team represents a name, a motto, which must conform to space subject.

-Children, today we take a space flight to other planets. The success of a flight – your knowledge, mutual assistance and active participation. And, of course, a serious flight definitely need to be prepared.

2 the competition "the Artist".

Team members agree who what part of the rocket draws. The drawing must be drawn for 1 minute.

3 contest. "Warm-up".

Each team solves the "space" puzzles.

1. A huge field;

Plow not

And the stones on it are countless. (Sky and stars).

2. Without fire burning,

Flying without wings,

The earth warms,

The energy feeds. (The sun).

3. Rode across the sky Volokh

And he spilled the peas,

Only suddenly became light –

And peas to be seen. (Stars).

4. What kind of bird:

Scarlet tail

Catching up with a flock of stars?

5. Blue tent

The whole world is covered. (Sky).

6. someone in the morning slowly

Inflate a red ball.

And how out of hand –

Suddenly become light around. (The sun).

7. bagel, bagel,

Gold horns!

Cloud sat on the shoulders

With cloud swung his legs. (Month).

8. If a clear night out,

Over them you'll see

That way. Day it is not visible. (The milky way).

9. I do not blame the sun eh,

What hangs in the sky wool? (Clouds).

10. On black shawl

Spilled millet,

Came cock,

And peck is not just. (Stars).

4 contest. "Space training".

Race for speed, accuracy, and mutual assistance.

- placing a "space suit" (jacket, hat). The winner is the team whose player first dressed in a "suit" astronauts;

- team becomes the "chain" and the signal lead passes to each other over the head with a big balloon. That team, the last player who first received the ball, wins;

- moving from one end of the court to another by rolling, sitting on a large inflatable ball.

5 the competition is "Flowers in space".

Assignment – 5 minutes to "grow" flowers in space, using paper, scissors, wire, flower pot. Which team will make more beautiful flowers and "planted" them in a pot?

6 contest. The "space menu".

To make the menu of the astronauts, using the words of space science.



"Parade of planets"


Star wars

Main dishes:

"Coma Berenices"


Desserts and drinks:

"Moonlight Sonata

"The milky way"


7 contest. "The contest operators".

- Each team must decrypt the message received by the mission control Center from astronauts located in a neighboring galaxy.

The text of the reports:

Mina takrit avana Nepeta, op iswo of ramarama, Yahoo an luzem. Erastes of casady pajaki dyal agonadal niceas.

(We open a new planet, its parameters are similar to Earth. Allow disembarkation of crew for further study).

8 competition. "Space experts".

Homework – write the names of all the planets of the Solar system and the twelve constellations – the signs of the Zodiac (not necessarily in order). Which team is faster?

9 contest. "Konicheskoi landscapes".

An exhibition of drawings related to space, drawn by students at home.

Summing up. Award winners.

- The cosmos is infinite, then, and research it endlessly. Maybe someone of you would like to link their lives with space exploration.

Student. When above Ground flying astronaut

Look after him, millions of kids.

Evening sometimes I look to heaven,

Shine, Shine childish eyes.

And they reflect, Shine bright

Those stars, they will fly!

Rushing missiles to far-off worlds.

To the exploits of my heart breaks.

People believe a cruise, as the song dreams

The purpose of his will.

- That brings me to the end of our meeting with the wonderful world of space. Up to new meetings!
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