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to make children easier to memorize the habitats of animals, I came up with a game-lesson. I saw in the store the wonderful pads of many animals. They liked it so much that I immediately wanted to buy them for children. With the help of parents embodied the idea to life! And now the game is ready.
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To play you need to make out of colored paper 5 houses (all different colors, pictures of animals (moose, bear, Fox, rabbit, squirrel, cards with numbers. For ease of use on the back side all components are mounted the magnets. The game itself takes place on a magnetic Board.
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The summer came and the summer is the world of amazing discoveries for your children. What to look for when the child's development? How to acquaint with world around?

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Purpose: To consolidate the skills of the account, knowledge of the geometric figures, the ability to compare the aggregate.
Improve the ability to compare objects in size.
To consolidate knowledge of the concepts of long-short, many-small, big-small.
Clarify knowledge about beans.
Develop thinking, fine motor skills.

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We decided that blue - eyes are always encouraging us in may on beds with its beauty, brightness, sunshine. And decided to bring the warm days for our moms.
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I want to bring to your attention a "Tree birthday", which you can build in the group.

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One of the Souvenirs of the Easter tradition is the egg. With children 6-7 years we made them from dough. And then we made a festive necklace.
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To prepare for the holidays, we start in advance,because of work,usually large-scale and time-consuming,but the result is worth it.

One of the Souvenirs of the Easter tradition is the egg. With the kids we made them from cardboard and decorated stenciled gouache.
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The work of salt is very entertaining. Kids like bottles of salt. Salt mixed.

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Manipulating bulk materials, the child gets rid of negative emotions, stress relief, inner blocks, while drawing the child feels a sense of joy and inspiration from the resulting figure, because the figures obtained, varied and unpredictable. Thus, developing coordination, imagination, improves memory and all mental processes.

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