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"Christmas toy — Cock" 2018
2017-01-02, 22:29:33
For the manufacture of legs. you need to cut two thin stripes of red, and fold them like an accordion.

One end of the accordion to stick to the bottom of the cone.

And second ends glue small oval mug,red.

It's time to glue the beak and a red goatee, to our cock. Yellow wings pasted neatly in the middle of the yellow cone (on the back of a Cockerel).

Next, draw the eyes and coloring black marker.
Now it's time to make the tail of the cock. You need to take several colored strips and glue them around the edges with glue (in the form of droplets)
With glue we glue the tail on the body of the cock at the bottom of the cone.

Usually they say: "Petushok - Zolotoy grebeshok"but you can't make gold,and red. To do this, from paper cut out two identical parts they glue them on the top of the cone. Most of the work is done,need to add small details, the decoration of our cock glued hearts.
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