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Master class for parents, "Manufacturing attributes to role-playing games "Store", "Family" 2018
2016-02-13, 18:03:34

Working with parents is one of the conditions in the development of creative abilities of children of preschool age. Creative activities for parents, organization of competitions, participation in project activities, joint activities aimed at development of creative abilities of children, helps to build trust between the kindergarten and family, as well as provide opportunities for parents to participate in the educational process.


1. To create demand for the acquisition of new knowledge.

2. To attach to diverse activities with a particular product.

3. To develop artistic imagination.

4. To foster team spirit.

5. Enrichment subject – developing environment of the group.

Equipment and materials: work samples, images, attributes, sponge for dishes, washing cloths, satin ribbons and braid, various colors, beads, straws from juice, eggs kinder surprise, cotton pads, padding polyester, glue, scissors, thread, needles.

The course of the master class:

The introductory part.

Good evening, dear parents! The game occupies an important place in the life of a preschool child. In the play preschoolers learn about the world, join the social world of adults, learn to interact with their peers, simulate various situations, solve problems.

It is very important to create for preschool children, the conditions for the development of their in game activities to the subject-developing environment in the group contributed to the development of the plot of the game, develop their game ideas, the opportunity to realize their creative potential. And this requires appropriate objects, toys and attributes.

Attributes for role-playing games is easy to do with their hands. So we together will try to make a little effort to make interesting and safe attributes that children will use in their games.

Today I want to offer a master class on creating attributes for role-playing games "Store", "Family". But first I will present you images of the different products made by your own hands.

(view photos)

For making sweet attribute, we need to purchase sponge for washing dishes, lace and satin ribbons of different sizes and colors, ready-made decorations from various material (leather, ribbons, etc.) . Consider 3 choices.

Option 1.

Take the prepared decoration of leather and glued it onto a sponge or sew on the sponge.

Option 2.

-Take a wide satin ribbon.

-Fold it in half and collected on a thread on the edge of the ribbon.

-Contractible so as to obtain a flower.

-Glue or sew on the sponge.

3 Variant.

-Prepare the braid and satin ribbons.

-On the edge of the cake paste ribbon.

-Satin ribbons mastering of different flowers and paste in the middle of cakes.

For making chocolates, we will use wipes and eggs, kinder surprise, wrapping them beautifully and knotting the tails.

To make dumplings, we'll take a cotton pad, with fire in half. Inside padding polyester filling and close the edges.

For the manufacture of sausages, we need the cloth and the batting. Fold the napkin in the form of sausages, to sew up the edge. Then you need to fill the batting and tie the thread in several places to get sausages. (making attributes, parents) .

The final part.

Our food for role-playing games "Store" and "Family" is ready! I think the children will mock what they saw and will be happy to play.

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