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Story roleplay "Bear Cafe" 2018
2016-02-14, 03:43:45

children's cafe "Teddy bear".

Goals and objectives ; - to instill a love for professions to work;

-to teach the children clearly and expressively perform role-playing


- remember the content and order of gaming action;

- to learn the norms of the relationship in the game;

-to keep the game unfolded.

The course of the game.

The teacher asks the children to help arrange the tables, explains:

"There will be children's cafe "Bear".

In-l. -What do you think you can decorate tables?

Children: flower Vases, napkins.

In-l: Properly, these tables will be nice to sit visitors.

In-l:- how we will decorate the hall?

Children:- facilities can be issued colorful balloons, hanging pictures. In-l :- "To the cafe to work, you need someone?

Children: Cook.

In-l: right guys we need cooks. Let's choose two chefs.

(invite them to wear a chef's caps and aprons.)

In-l: Guys, who think we forgot to assign to work at the cafe?

Children: waiters.

In-l: well done, we need waiters who will handle customers 'orders, serve them tea, coffee, various sweets, to clean the tables".

-Let's pick two waiters – a boy and a girl.

-L refers to the children :-"You won't mind if I become a Director cafe, and my assistant today, I very much want to be Cyril"?

- And the other children I'll ask to visitors of our cafe. They are moms, dads, and now they will go to the hairdresser. will get cleaned, make a beautiful hairstyle, dress their children beautifully and will come in our welcoming cafe "Bear". We are waiting for You!

- In Barber shop we will choose two masters -a boy and a girl, they prepare their workplaces to welcome visitors.

- Waiters: the girl wears a white apron, boy tie or tie.

waiters prepare the trays: put fruit, candy, wipe towels, cups, saucers, pouring tea, coffee.

Chef baked muffins, cookies, tarts, drying (mold from clay, laid out on a saucer) .

The Director consults with his assistant on how best to meet visitors. Recalls that the cafe is called "Bear", so must be the bear.

Music –opens the cafe. Children with dressed dolls are in the hall. They meet a bear and Director who offer to inspect the café and guess the illustrations of fairy tales which adorn the walls of the hall.

Then the bear and the Director, seated the guests.

-The waiters are offering the menu for the application (on a sheet of paper pasted different fruits) .

Cook give to the waiters pastries, tea, candy, and those serve them to visitors .

Guests eat, feed their children. Teddy bear plays music with children's songs, and together with the Director organizes games, dances, reading of poems, songs, dances.

To complete the game, the teacher asks the bear to hit the tambourine and say, "That sounded a signal for closing the cafe".

We thank all guests for coming, cooks for tasty cooked, the waiters that served.

All receive postcards with the image of "Bear" and an invitation to visit the cafe again.

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