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Abstract classes in valeology "senses" 2018
2016-05-04, 00:39:22

The game:
1. The dummy appears with a toothbrush in hand.
-Dunno, why are unkempt, shaggy?
Dunno replied that in a hurry, did not have time to comb my hair and do it now.
-Guys, what kind of brush u dunno? (tooth)
-What is it? What needs to comb his hair?
-Dunno, you don't go to kindergarten and do not know much. Sit down, children will tell you.
2. –Growing people on the head? (hair)
-The comb your hair? (comb)
-Who will show the dummy comb?
N: -And why do these hair grow? Without them it would be better.
:- Dunno, you're wrong, the hair protects head from rain, snow, dust, and warm in the cold and protect from overheating in hot weather.
N: -How interesting! Okay, let it grow. And whether you want to brush it?
: -In order for hair to be thick and beautiful. For them to care: to wash, to comb every day, but if girls have long hair, they have to braid it in pigtails. Look how clean and beautiful the hair of our children. And they comb them.
N: - Let me brush your hair. Their combs I have, give your.
In: - Children, who will dunno your brush? Why not give your brush anyone? Heard explanations of children.
-Guys, tell the dummy rules for the use of a comb and a toothbrush.
Making hair,
Remember myself
Your comb
Just for you!
In the morning, brushing your teeth,
Remember myself
That toothbrush
Just for you!
-Guys, tell us the dummy that the comb and the toothbrush is a personal hygiene items, they don't ever give anybody.
3. Games. exercise "What I will share with a friend? "
Objective: to strengthen knowledge of personal hygiene items.
-The guys and the dummy in the chest are personal hygiene items and other items. I will be on queue to get it, and you'll say, will you share with other... .
I have candy to share?. (Yes)
I comb share?. (none)
I will share a toy?. (Yes)
I will share an orange?. (Yes)
I will share towel?. (none)
I toothbrush share?. (none)
I will share with a spoon?. (Yes)
I handkerchief to share?. (none)
Dunno confused in the answers. His children are correct.
Dunno, and the handkerchief do you have?
Children give the dummy handkerchief, he thanks them and goes to visit the other children.
4. – Guys, try to guess a riddle:
Oh, what a wonderful,
Field of wonders!
Grew up on it and the mouth and nose,
Eyebrows and eyes.
What kind of field? That's the question I asked you?
-That's right. Your face. How many eyes do we have?
Keen helpers.
I look right, left,
Up at the sky you will see
What will see there, in the sky,
Will tell.
Looking down so as not to stumble
Anything not to come.
Look back, playing,
In order not to be caught.
True. We see with our eyes. What do you think, is it possible to see something without eyes? (answers) close the eyes. You saw what I was doing? (answers)
Unfortunately, there are people whose eyes see nothing, they are blind. Such people need help, for example to cross the road, to submit something.
5. so watch the eyes. They love the purity. You can not hit the eyes.
The teacher carries on a plate a bowl of chopped cucumber.
-Open eyes. What's on my plate? (the cucumber is covered by a cloth)
-How did you know I have a cucumber? (by the smell)
Right. Nose.
Quickly I catch the smells,
Very sniff I love
What to prepare in the kitchen –
Without errors tell.
Here he is, our wonderful nose. And who is his friend when he nose, does it hurt? (handkerchief)
Once your noses guessed the cucumber smell, then the award everyone will get his slice (the teacher puts a piece of cucumber and put it in your mouth for children) .
6. – Enjoy? And here's another riddle:
Red door in the cave mine
White animals sit at the door,
And meat and bread, all the booty my
I'm happy to give these animals.

-What are these white animals that give meat and bread, and which now crunched cucumber?
True. It's the teeth. Why do we need teeth? (answers of children)
-Children below the teeth were strong and healthy, they had not formed the holes that the teeth did not hurt, they have morning and evening cleaned. What? (with a toothbrush) you do it at home and in the kindergarten we, what do we do after eating? (rinse your mouth with water)
- Guys, the mouth does anyone else live:
If it were not for its
I would not say anything!
- Well done. It is the language. Why do we language? (it helps to say the sounds, mixes food in the mouth)
Guys, mouth and tongue do not like hot and cold, sharp and dirty objects.
7. – Guys, let's close our eyes, nose hold down fingers (showing) .
At this time, the teacher rings the bell. Then invites all to open your eyes, unclench your nose.
- Who guessed what my screen?
How did you know? Because you were closed nose and eyes. Who helped you? (answers of children)
- That's right. Hearing the jingle of the bell, you guessed it, behind a screen, I have it. You helped your hearing, your ears heard the sound of a bell.
Close the ears with your palms. (impression) teacher strikes behind the screen on the drum.
Did you know which of the muses. tool played now? How do you know? (answers of children)
You understand how important it is to have good hearing, healthy ears.
8. Ears should be protected. They are not loving the cold water. Don't argue much, to pick your ears with your fingers.
Conclusion : hair, eyes, ears, mouth and nose should be taken care of to protect them. Then they will be faithful helpers.
If they are sick, you must immediately consult a doctor.

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