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Lesson on the development of emotion in the younger group of "Sun" 2018
2016-03-06, 15:41:35

Objective: to acquaint children with emotional States of joy, sadness. Learning to live different emotions, to develop visual attention. Learning to Express friendly feelings through facial expressions.
Material: paper plates, pictures of emotions smileys, Emotions cut out, glue them to paper plates, work faces.

What day is it? Gloomy, cloudy or bright and Sunny? What is the mood is causing you this weather?
The sun is as a magician, able to warm and affectionately say Hello.
Early in the morning, someone strange
Looked in my window
On his palm appeared
Bright red spot.
That sun looked,
If a hand held out
A thin ray of gold.
And as with the first best friend
Say hi to me.
You know what we can do to improve your mood that my heart was warm and calm? It is necessary to smile. (children listen to and sing along with the song "From a smile gloomy day brighter. "
The tutor shows a blooming flower. Wondered whether to be a flower? Why? (it is beautiful, and admire)
Flower said to me quietly in your ear that lives in our group, where no harsh words, fights, quarrels, otherwise he was sluggish and ugly.
Now I'll tell you a story:
When the morning comes, the sun rises good. His love all people, all nature, animals, birds, trees. Once the sun was delayed and did not appear in time. The clouds were sad, and one cloud was so upset he even began to cry: "cap-cap"-and walked in the rain. Only one cloud, it all calmed: "do Not be sad, the sun is definitely going to come up soon". The clouds stopped crying, started to smile. And a miracle happened, the sun came out and warmed everyone with her rays and smile.
Find eyes face which smiles.
What is his mood? (cheerful, joyful)
And now look at different signals and execute movements.
"The sun"-the children jump, clap, smile.
"Cloud"-shoulders raised, his face sad, because children had no umbrella.
"Wind"-the children were rocking the body from side to side.
Smile and sad can people. Look at these individuals and name them facial expression (sad, happy) .
Children post card with a picture of fairy-tale characters to a specific person.
The warm-up.
First we'll clap
And then we'll be stomping.
And then we turn around
And each other and have some fun.
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