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Physical activity using non-standard equipment 2018
2016-06-10, 21:54:46

- strengthen the foot muscles; is to provide training correct nasal breathing.
- to develop the skills of hopping on one foot, to achieve a strong repulsion; throwing in a moving target lightweight items in the game "Snowballs"; tossing and catching a lightweight items with the bangs and without;

Part 1

Instructor. Guys, guess a riddle.
He's fluffy, silvery,
But his hands do not touch:
Will a drop of clean
Catch it on the palm.

Right, it's snow. And I brought you a subject that is also somewhat reminiscent of snow. It is such a gift. Let's see if they drop, they also drop to the ground easily and smoothly. With this interesting subject we will deal. Each of you grab one napkin and flip it, look at how she gently lowered (2-3 times). And now let these tissues lie on the floor and we will go on them as snow.

Followed by exercises.
Build in a line.
Walking in a column one by one.

Walking on toes, arms up; heels, hands behind his back; on the outer side of the foot.

Playing the exercise "Dancing bear": standing on the outside of the foot, raise right leg forward, place it, then left.

Gaming activity "can play": standing with feet together, stand on tiptoes with both feet simultaneously, then roll on the heel.

Running with directional changes: exercise, "Wind".

Running helter-skelter, followed by finding a place when walking in a column one by one.

Children diverge in all directions around the room and find a free place.
Part 2
Exercises with paper napkins:
- put the unfolded napkin in your hand and blow it off (5-6 times) ;
- put the tissue paper on the palm of his hand, throw it and catch (7 times) ;
- sitting, hands in emphasis from behind. The fingers of one foot to lift a napkin from the floor, wave it and throw up, then the other leg (4-6 times each leg) ;
- sitting, hands in emphasis back, toes to lift the napkin and put it in the other leg (4-6 times each leg) ;
- while standing, take a napkin toes and hop on one foot, then to change the pace (4-6 times each leg) .

Instructor. And now you come up with any exercise with a napkin, and we all try to fulfill it.

The children offer.

Tell me, out of the snow what can I do?

Children respond.

I suggest making the snow balls.

Gaming activity "SDUY ball with the palm of your hand" (4-5 times) .

Tossing the ball up and catching it (6-7 times) .

Tossing the ball up with cotton in front of him and catching it (5-6 times) .

The game "Snowball": the hall is divided by a rope into two pieces, on the one hand are the boys with the other girls. At the first signal, the children begin to leave lumps in the side of opponents, the second – the game stops. Children count the number of lumps with his hand. Who turns out to be less the party and won (3-4 times) .

Part 3

Game low mobility "Pass the napkin". The children sit in a circle, take the cloth with their feet and pass it to each other in a circle. Option: you can let two, three wipes (2 min) .

Nasal breathing exercises:

- tightly compressed lips, evenly and calmly breathe with both nostrils for 30-60 s;

- tightly compressed lips, to press the right nostril to the nasal septum with the index finger of the right hand and evenly, breathe left for 30-60 s;

- repeat the first exercise;

- tightly compressed lips, to press the left nostril to the nasal septum with the index finger of the left hand, and evenly, breathe right for 30-60 s;

- repeat the first exercise.

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