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Conversation with children on the ecosystem of the "Pond, river, lake" 2018
2016-02-18, 19:46:55

The conversation with children on the ecosystem of the "Pond, river, lake".
Objective: to introduce children to the inhabitants and structure of the waters, to arouse children's desire to protect rivers, lakes, ponds and their inhabitants.

1. What you see in the picture? (Answers list)
2. The name, in short the house where they all live?
3. Who was on the river (lake, pond?
4. Did a walk along the river, what?
5. Let's take a walk to the river (pond, lake) and get acquainted with its inhabitants. Puzzles: Not a horse, and runs, not forest, and the noise? (the river). Flows, flows will not flow out, running, running - out? (the river). Two brother in the water look, does not converge? (the shore) .
6. The first floor (level) of the river are its banks. Here grow trees (willow, alder, poplar, and various herbs. Why? These plants like moisture and light. Puzzles: Curls into the river And lowered about something sad, what is sad, no one speaks. (willow). Soft and no fluff, green and not grass. (Moss)
7. On the second floor there are living plants that grow on the water surface (duckweed). Its tiny flowers float on the water surface, and below the short roots. On the river duckweed only grows in the backwaters where there are no currents. Why? Its roots are not fixed in the soil, and the duckweed will take over.
8. On the third floor – plants whose roots are under water, closer to shore, and a large part of the plant is above the water (reeds, cattail). Why? These plants need lots of water and light. Puzzles: Is above the water, shaking his beard. (Cane).
9. On the fourth floor grow these plants, most of which is under water and on the surface only a few leaves and flowers. Why? These plants don't need much light, but for pollination they need the insects living on the shore (water Lily, potbelly, Wapato). Puzzle-Jugs and saucers do not sink and do not fight (pod). This unusual flower, looks nice, but stands out from others that the water plant is. (water Lily) .
10. On the fifth floor are plants that are completely under water. Why? It to grow don't need a lot of light. And they take oxygen from the water (ceratophylla, Urrutia, canadian Elodea).
Animals, birds and fish live in different circles. Why?

It made it easier to find food and make shelter.
1. Kingfisher, duck, otter, water snake, Wagtail, Heron, dragonfly. I live on the shore, feed in water.
2. Beaver, frog. Most of their time under water, eat in water, but for the normal life requires air.
3. Pike, perch, ruff, crucian carp, roach, perch. Fish live in water, many feed on insects living on the first floor.
4. Insects live on all tiers.
Is there someone extra? No, all need each other!
Riddle: Who carries a house? (snail). A brawler and a bully, lives in the water, bones on his back, and the pike does not swallow. (ruff). convex eyes sitting, French said, flea jumps, like a person floats. (frog). With the tail, not the animal, with feathers, not the bird. (fish) .

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