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"Active learning methods" 2018
2016-09-16, 22:58:08
Description self developed the active learning method.

1. The object on which the method used and Educational activity
2. The class in which the method used - 1
3. Stage educational activities (lessons) - Organizational moment
4. Method name" Flower wishes".
5. The purpose of using the method - a Warm up before more complex tasks, creating a comfortable environment between children, the organization of mood, activation of the vocabulary of pupils
6. Number of participants - 14


the Teacher encourages the children to grow a flower greetings. Children take petals and within one minute trying to make beautiful greeting with good wishes. As children will do their writing, they put your petal to the heart of the flower, which together with the stem and leaves are displayed on the Board. When work is finished on Board the "rose" Flower greetings, every pupil comes to the centre and out loud welcomes all present. The greeting is given 1 minute. The petals are attached on a Board (double-tape, just like the core of the flower with stalk and leaves. After greeting all the participants on the Board will form a Flower with multicolored petals greetings, which remains there until the end of classes.

The duration - 5 minutes

Pre-training - Preparation of equipment

The necessary materials (stationery etc. required for successful carrying out of the method the core of the flower (colored yellow paper, flower petals, green flower stalk and green leaves, double stick tape, markers (pens)

Note: the Duration of the method depends on the number of children. Method is best used at the beginning of the first class in the beginning of the year or the beginning of the quarter. The core of the flower diameter of 15 cm, the Petals are also prepared with colored paper.

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