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We watched the snow melt and snowdrops appeared, surprising everyone with their blue.
Apply a watermark to the images

The gradual drawing of the figure in the context of the changes in nature. Teacher and students draw one big picture.
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Purpose: to teach children to take care of their health.
Objectives: to form children's ideas about fortified nutrition, vitamin a, its purpose, values for life and health; to educate respect for their health.
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Objective: to create motivation of children for a healthy lifestyle.
1. To give children's ideas about germs. Their useful and harmful features.
2. Consolidate the knowledge of the importance of vitamins for the human body.
3. To fix the rules of personal hygiene.
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Tactile sensations-one of the most important ways of knowledge of the world around the child.

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The kids love the holidays together.
We propose to consider the main options of how to celebrate/mark a birthday in kindergarten, and to listo the opinions of those who have had to face this issue. After all, in the end, the final decision to make all the same parents.en t
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For the manufacture of frames we needed:

- glue gun;
- solid cardboard (we used an old box);
can be used in any color, according to your idea);
- twine (for making loops);
- small, plasti
- silver tape (c letters (to write the word "mother". You can use any letters and words):
- decor "wooden butterflies"(you can use any decor on your idea);

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The original photo frame can be made very simple, while spending a minimum of time and material.

[b]WE will need colored cardboard, scissors, PVA glue, glue brush, simple pencil, landscape sheet, markers or colored pencils.

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Programme objectives: • to create a favourable environment to improve the physical, psychological and social health of children of primary school age; • nurture a love for their hometown, to his native land and the desire to bring him a favor; • lay the groundwork for patriotism and citizenship junior high school students
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Objectives: in the form of a game show senior leaders how to teach teenagers to be harmonious and free social space, ability to see the features, pros and cons, understand their personality, seeking development, capable and to think and act intelligently to build relations with other people.
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Objective: to Form an idea of the Sun as a star and the planets of the Solar system.

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