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Material for interviews with the children of senior and preparatory groups:

"the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. Peace or Hostility? "

These Kingdoms are friends with each other because we live in the same area. Because we can't imagine without sea animals or sea plants without. So life on land would not have been possible without the representatives of plants (animals just would have nothing to eat).
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Photo interviews with children about pranks with matches, with practical part

But the fire always comes unexpectedly. It would seem, only that everything was fine and suddenly there is a flame, there is the suffocating smoke.
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Objective: to acquaint the children with the signs "pedestrian crossing" and its types. To consolidate the knowledge of the lights.
1. To develop observation for traffic signs and traffic lights.
2. To expand children's knowledge about road signs.
3. Forming in children the culture of behavior on the street.

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Purpose: formation at children of representations about value of bread.
- to increase knowledge among children about the importance of bread in human life;
- to deepen and broaden the knowledge of children about bread
- to foster careful attitude to bread;
- to consolidate children's knowledge about the process of growing bread;
- to raise interest in occupations involved in the production of bread;
- to develop the coherent speech, the ability to reason;
- to develop logical thinking, memory, observation;
- to enrich the vocabulary of preschool children;
- to foster respect for the labor of adults.
Material security: the plot of the picture to accompany the talks (with the image of bread, with a picture of the growth process, with the image of harvesters, with the image of the professions involved in the production of bread (farmers, bakers, the ball.

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Conversation "What to do and how to behave if there was a fire" for the children of middle group

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The conversation with children on the ecosystem of the "Pond, river, lake".
Objective: to introduce children to the inhabitants and structure of the waters, to arouse children's desire to protect rivers, lakes, ponds and their inhabitants.

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Conversation "Learn to be good"

  • to Contribute to the formation of the concept of "kindness"; to arouse children's desire to do good deeds to help others.
  • to Learn to Express their thoughts about good deeds, create the ability to work in a team, to Express their opinions, to reason.

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    Objectives: to consolidate and generalize the knowledge of children about the signs of autumn: cold, fall, day gets shorter, the night longer, about how the life of plants, animals and birds in autumn, like a man preparing for winter; to develop dialogical speech, communication skills, power of observation, ability to analyze, to educate the culture of communication, love of nature, sense of beauty.
    Vocabulary work: leaves, frost, storm, scarlet, violet, Golden autumn, migrating and wintering birds.
    Preliminary work: observation for a walk in the trees (the changing color of the leaves, defoliation, plants, insects, birds, the changes in clothing people; maintaining a calendar of nature, a trip to the Park (collecting natural materials for craft projects, preparation of autumn bouquet, maid of the leaves in the area, seasonal work in the garden: harvesting, seed for planting and feeding the birds, guessing, and guessing riddles about autumn, reading, and memorizing poems about autumn

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    In the preparatory group of children often play in different role–playing games. To interest the children and promote a long duration of the game, there is the question of equipping them with a variety of attributes. Well when there is financial support, but you can do on your own. Offer several ideas that are very useful to us to play in school.

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    I offer simple attributes to role-playing games.


    1. Small boxes (better under creams) ;

    2. Wrapping paper;

    3. A ball of twine;

    4. Newspapers;

    5. Old postcards;

    6. The container for trash small;

    7. Tape;

    8. Envelopes with the words "who", "where".

    9. Rectangular bag;

    10. Woven bag with long handles for wrapping Newspapers and parcels.

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