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Objective: to systematize ideas about the diversity of insects; learn the importance of insects to humans.

People call the bees "the toilers". From ancient times, the bee became useful insects. Bees have big eyes, which she distinguishes perfectly the coloring of the flowers.
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Purpose: to Examine appearance to determine what butterflies eat.

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Objective:to acquaint children with the names of several flowers (Aster, marigold, teach children to admire them, to introduce the concept of high, low.

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Objective: to form children's knowledge of the plant world.
Objectives: to acquaint children with the names of individual plants, to Refine the structure, particularly size, color. To consolidate the concepts of "high - low" (flower, "short - long" (stem) to Cultivate the desire to care for flowers in the flower bed.
Vocabulary work: flower, stem, marigolds, marigolds, tall, short, long, short, bouquet.

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Objective: to encourage children to enjoy colors and to show the name of the flower marigold, with the structural features of : the stem, leaves, flower .

Learning to distinguish flowering plants from non-flowering plants. To learn to admire the beauty of flowering plants. To acquaint with variety of colors.

Main content: the identification of common and different characteristics between grass and flowers, grass and flowers below the trees. In the flower bed in bloom : blue, red, white colors. They are beautiful, exquisite, lovely, make beautiful the territory of the kindergarten.

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Summer is the wonderful time for kids! The children enjoy the sun, play, admire flowers, watch the insects. And children love to care for plants, observe their growth and development, weed, and water. Career in the flower garden and mine-the garden plot at school property introduces children to work, enriches knowledge, cultivates a love of nature. Children with great joy examine, distinguish and name the plants.

Objective: to teach children to distinguish and name two plants by color, size, pay attention to the structure, their color, bring up careful attitude to plants, to develop skills to care for plants.

Equipment: baby buckets, watering cans, rakes.

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Introducing children to the game-the journey (the creation of motivational situations, demonstration, explanation, story, teacher, questions, encouragement, the transmission of surprises, collective action, game moments, artistic expression, musical pause, appeal, request, speaking, comparing, puzzles, proof, the game, building on experience and knowledge of children, self-esteem.

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Objective: to Acquaint children with the first spring flowers, their structure. To compare the flower with the rays of the sun, with a yellow little chickens. Nurture respect for nature.
Materials: bells, bubbles.

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To continue to acquaint children with the typical signs of the seasons for example, natural phenomena. To expand representations of kids about the bushes, seasonal changes, what is happening with them. To exercise discernment in their appearance. To form an idea of their usefulness to humans, animals. To develop interest in the world of plants, observation, curiosity, logical thinking, verbal activity. Nurture respect for nature, care about her.

Preliminary work. Seasonal monitoring of shrubs, didactic games "Botanical Lotto", "Bushes and trees", the reading and examining of the encyclopedia "World of plants", paintings viewed, illustrations.

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Priority : socio – communicative development.
Age group: 4-5 years old (middle group) .
Time: September.
The theme of the week based of calendar – thematic planning DOE: "Journey in the autumn forest" the Purpose of the NOD: a refinement and synthesis of the views of pupils about the characteristic features of autumn.
Integration of educational areas: language development, cognitive development, aesthetic development, physical development.

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