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Abstract musical themed classes "Autumn mood" with elements of psychological gymnastics[/size]
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Roleplay as a means of promoting friendly relations between students
Among the variety of forms of work play a special role in the role-play. The specifics of role-playing lies in the fact that students in the process of its implementation come together in a role relationship. They act not as I would like, but in accordance with the prescribed role of the rules.
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to make children easier to memorize the habitats of animals, I came up with a game-lesson. I saw in the store the wonderful pads of many animals. They liked it so much that I immediately wanted to buy them for children. With the help of parents embodied the idea to life! And now the game is ready.
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To play you need to make out of colored paper 5 houses (all different colors, pictures of animals (moose, bear, Fox, rabbit, squirrel, cards with numbers. For ease of use on the back side all components are mounted the magnets. The game itself takes place on a magnetic Board.
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The script of the summer sports holiday "Celebration Balloons".[size=15]
To create in children a joyful mood, improve emotional background in children and adults.

• Increase the physical activity of children
• To develop attention, agility, speed
• Learning to be a team player
• Increase of interest to employments by physical culture.

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Parents are the first teachers. They are required to lay the foundations for physical, intellectual and moral development of the personality of the child already in infancy.

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The summer came and the summer is the world of amazing discoveries for your children. What to look for when the child's development? How to acquaint with world around?

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Objective: to teach students the letter Kк; distinguish it in words; learning to write a printed letter; to consider the number of words with the letter Kк
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7 tips for parents: "How to deal with the vagaries of the child."

Many parents do not know how to deal with a cranky baby and give vent to emotions.

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Stubbornness – the most common problem faced by adults. Often, we don't have the patience to understand the reasons of such behavior. We respond with irritability or the suppression of and sometimes just ignored the stubborn actions of the child.
Children's stubbornness – the desire to do things his own way, in spite of requests and demands of adults.

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