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Lesson on rhythm for grade 1 children in "the Magic of music, magic, dance"



Goal: create conditions conducive to disclosure of creative potential of personality, introducing students to cultural values, mastering the elements of folk dance, the emotional emancipation.



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All US States

lesson You will learn about the States of America. Of the fifty States forty-six are called by the word "state" (e.g., Colorado), and other four state – "community" (for example, the Commonwealth of Kentucky).


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Features of work with gifted children in learning the English language

Features of work with gifted children in learning the English language Learning English requires from the teacher constant improvement and a more productive search methods, and learning strategies that meet the requirements of modern society and the characteristics of modern children.


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"What is missing? "(That disappeared)

Getting ready to play. The teacher shows on the smart Board familiar food in English, talking about the benefits, picks up after 4 or more pictures: "Milk", "Bread", "Cereal", "Pie", ”Tea”, “Cheese”. The teacher should ask the children about the foods that they usually eat for Breakfast .

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Perspective plan of work of club etiquette

1. Etiquette — rules of conduct of people.
2. Speech etiquette.
3. Etiquette of the phone conversation.
4. Art to please people. Culture appearance.
5. Etiquette and my house.
6. Etiquette in public places.
7. Guest & gift etiquette.
8. Dining etiquette.
9. Family etiquette.
10. Etiquette of interpersonal relations.
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Program material: cartoon "Bag of apples".

Teacher (V.) -Guys, look what my beautiful caddy. You want to know what's in it? In this box, live good words and good deeds. Let's open and see what's inside. (The kids open the box.)

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Objective: to Consolidate knowledge of the rules of conduct.


1. Learning to Express their opinions, ask questions, answer questions, argue the answer is clear to the interlocutors, to improve the speech of children as a means of communication. To introduce the options of greetings, to form skills of politeness, courtesy. To consolidate children's ideas about behavior in a situation when you have guests.

2. To develop communication skills; the ability to reason.

3. To foster a culture of communication: the ability to happily converse with each other, politely, to turn; a desire to make others pleasant, and to receive from it pleasure and satisfaction. Vocabulary work: friendly, warm, hospitable, friendly.

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Talk with the parents "Etiquette in our lives"

Culture includes "the set of developed and proven ways of organizing everyday life and communication of people and is an integral part of General human culture".
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Conversation "Rules of etiquette"

Etiquette is a magic rule that will help you be well-mannered, polite and friendly person. Knowing these rules, you will be able to more easily communicate with their friends, parents, relatives and absolutely strangers to you people. Easily learn how to properly greet, give gifts, and take them as walk-in guests, talking on the phone and more...

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Work involves the application of different techniques to improve the motor activity of children during physical education classes:
1. The use of different ways of organizing the children (frontal, production, group training, individual) .
2. Available, a brief explanation of the tasks and the proper screening exercise.
3. The activation of cognitive activity of the child.
4. Situations created for the manifestation of qualities (determination, courage, resourcefulness, endurance) .
5. Variability of outdoor games.
6. The correct, rational use of physical exercise equipmen

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