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Extra-curricular event in the 1st class "Merry Mathematics"

Form: Quiz
Purpose - To promote the development of cognitive and creative activity of students. To increase interest in the study of mathematics.
- Smilies for assessing work.
Arithmetic | Views: 1234 | Added: Admin | Date: 2018-02-09

A game for children of preschool age.

The goal: to develop logical thinking.

This puzzle is easy to take with you or to offer as a peaceful game that develops thinking. From the variety of mathematical games are most acceptable in preschool age (5-7 years) puzzle with sticks.
Arithmetic | Views: 1207 | Added: Admin | Date: 2017-11-12

Promote development of fine motor skills, ingenuity and cleverness; to consolidate the initial knowledge of geometric figures and arithmetic account.
Counting sticks – the most affordable and feature-rich didactic material!
Arithmetic | Views: 1143 | Added: Admin | Date: 2017-11-12

In primary school age children have the prerequisites for the development of elements of educational activities - the prerequisites to algorithmization of the educational process.
Arithmetic | Views: 1264 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-12-20

subject - mathematics

.Shape: Quiz
goal is to promote the development of cognitive and creative activity of students. To increase the interest to study mathematics.

Arithmetic | Views: 935 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-12-07

Objective: to acquaint pupils with new geometric shapes: circle, circle and their elements (diameter, radius, center).

1) to introduce the history of mathematical concepts;
2) to teach pupils to use compasses for striking circles;
3) to develop attention, spatial thinking, memory, imagination, vision, vocabulary of children;
4) conduct safety training on how to use a compass
5) to foster a love of math, hard work, discipline, camaraderie.
6) accuracy and caution in the use of a compass.
7) to nurture spiritual and moral values. Respect for the traditions of the people.

Type of lesson: explanation of new material.

Arithmetic | Views: 1186 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-09-09

Lesson theme: "the Class million the class million"
Objective: to acquaint students with the class of millions and billions.
• to improve the ability to record and read multi-digit numbers;
• to improve ability to name units of each class;
• continue to form an idea on the natural numbers;
• to consolidate the ability to compare multi-digit numbers to allocate bits;
• continue to develop computational skills, namely the modulo operator.
• continue solving problems.
• to develop cognitive interests of the students;
• to assist in the session development of self-evaluation, criticality, care;
• to develop logical thinking, attention, memory;
• to educate the ability to work in a team, in pairs;
• to impart skills of General culture.
Type of the lesson: learning a new.
Equipment: a textbook, presentation.
Arithmetic | Views: 1010 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-17

tests on math for teachers and students. 3 class. There are answers
Arithmetic | Views: 1102 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-16

Purpose: to Introduce geometric shapes: "Square and Rectangle".
Introduce the concept of "geometric figure – a square and a rectangle, to introduce the elements of a square and a rectangle; to consolidate the oral and written methods of calculation.
To develop logical thinking, spatial imagination, ability to observe and to compare;
To cultivate kindness towards comrades and the people around him.
Arithmetic | Views: 1094 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-16

Theme: Value. The decision task.
Objective: - to learn the ideas of quantities – length, mass, volume, units of measurement of these quantities; the development of these concepts in order to apply them in life situations.
Objectives: Educational:
- to acquaint with the rules of the comparison, addition and subtraction of values; to continue to strengthen knowledge about the General principle of measurement values.
- to create conditions for the formation of mental operations: analysis and comparison, logical thinking and the development of mathematical speech, to enrich and to complicate the vocabulary.
- to create conditions for the formation of skills to work together in a team to raise the cognitive interest in the subject, communicative culture, learning and interaction.

Arithmetic | Views: 1016 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-06

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