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"Class class millions and billions" arithmetic 2018
2016-07-17, 10:34:28
Lesson theme: "the Class million the class million"
Objective: to acquaint students with the class of millions and billions.
• to improve the ability to record and read multi-digit numbers;
• to improve ability to name units of each class;
• continue to form an idea on the natural numbers;
• to consolidate the ability to compare multi-digit numbers to allocate bits;
• continue to develop computational skills, namely the modulo operator.
• continue solving problems.
• to develop cognitive interests of the students;
• to assist in the session development of self-evaluation, criticality, care;
• to develop logical thinking, attention, memory;
• to educate the ability to work in a team, in pairs;
• to impart skills of General culture.
Type of the lesson: learning a new.
Equipment: a textbook, presentation.
The lesson

The stages of the lesson
Organizational moment
- All stand up straight, put things in order in their jobs.

Hello guys, my name is ......., today I am going to math class.

Actualization of knowledge
- Who can tell me what was the homework?
- Guys, look closely at the slide.

-What is this picture?




Roma, read the first number.

- Kate, reads the next number.

- And Nikita will give us the last number.

-Let's remember what classes you know?

- Guys, how many units of each class in the number 80700?

- How many units of each class in the number 345080?

And how many units of each class in the number 2002?

- The answer is accepted only with raised hands.

- Let us remember which numbers are even?

-What are the odd numbers?

Let's go back to the slide, so these numbers even or odd?


- Open the workbooks, record - nice job.

-Now we will solve a small task.

- Listen carefully to the condition.

- Record will be the only number.

-Between the numbers skipping one cell.

- If the first line does not fit the number of moving 2 line.

-Let us now remember the tale, in which there are figures.

- Retreat 2 cells down from the previous work.

-- Write them down one after another without missing cells.

-What was the name of the tale, where the wooden boy stole the coins?

- How many coins were stolen from Pinocchio? 5

-In what fairy tale dwarves sheltered girl? How many were there? 7

- Remember the tale of "the fisherman and the fish"

-How many wishes could do the goldfish? 3

-What tales of outlaws defeated Ali Baba?

-How many robbers were there? 40

-How many shoes lost Cinderella?

Learning a new slide appears On the cap table (1 and 2 grades)

- What classes you have already studied?

-Take the answers with a raised hand.

-Note on the slide.

On the slide is written a number (1000000)

- Let's read it.

-I see you have difficulties.

A table appears with 3 class.

- In this number there is a class of units class of thousands and there is an unknown class.

- Class 3, class million.

Explanation of topics:

Slide says the first rule.

10 hundred thousands is 1 thousand thousand, or 1 million.

-Million write like this: 1000000.

- In short you can record 1 million.

Class million rank 3: units million, tens of millions or hundreds of millions.

- Look at the number written in the table:


-In this number:

331 - million units;

125 - tens of millions;

3 – hundreds of millions.

Let's have a little practice.

- Kate goes to the Board, write down the number dictation:

22 hundreds of millions 450 dozen and 85 units.

If properly written, ask 2 additional questions and assign a grade:

-How much will 5*5= 25; 8*9= 72

- Next goes to the Board, write down the number:

7 hundred million, 43 dozen mil. And 65 units mil.

If properly written, ask 2 additional questions and assign a grade:



In mathematics there is another class and that class billion.

A table appears with 4 class. It contains an integer: 1000000000

- 10 hundred million is 1 thousand million or 1 billion.

A billion is a unit of the 4th grade.

In the class there are also 3 billion category.

A billion is written like this:

It contains 9 zeros.

-Look at the number written in the table: 2100342143

It reads as 2 billion 100 million 342 thousand 143.

-So you have got acquainted with the new classes.

-So which two classes we met?

Class of units and thousands.

22450085, was twenty 22 million 450 thousand 85.

7043065, it turned out 7 million 43 thousand 65

Classes millions and billions.

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