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"Collect beads" — didactical game 2018
2016-12-20, 08:39:22
In primary school age children have the prerequisites for the development of elements of educational activities - the prerequisites to algorithmization of the educational process.

A game that I want to offer is called"Collect beads".

It is the job that requires the formation of logical steps using the principle to continue the pattern. the game is on the development of logical and algorithmic thinking in preschoolers. Children only in the game need to continue the logical chain.

Most importantly it is very easy to manufacture:
need bone assorted colors bone, laces and box.

In the first stage, with kids -you can offer just to collect the beads (in the order as they want later to offer the kiddies to collect a specific color: "Collect red beads"; Then offer a card -scheme (jobs gradually complicate).

Children like to play this game. later they come up with tasks to each other, check these jobs. And what is most interesting - find errors!
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