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Counting sticks, colored Games with chopsticks 2018
2017-11-12, 06:28:35
Promote development of fine motor skills, ingenuity and cleverness; to consolidate the initial knowledge of geometric figures and arithmetic account.
Counting sticks – the most affordable and feature-rich didactic material!

Purpose: to teach children to distinguish basic colors, to exercise in the unfolding of sticks on the boxes of the corresponding colour to develop visual perception, fine motor skills.

Material: box with basic colors, wooden sticks, painted in similar colors, animal print jewelry boxes.

Job description: to Take cartons of yogurt to cut them out and paste colored paper. Then you take wooden sticks for ice cream and coated with paint in primary colors. On the back side to stick the picture of the animal.

Dictionary Red, yellow, green, yellow.
The course of the game.

The teacher puts on the table a box of four colors and shows the sticks the same colors that are in discord lying on the table.

Children parties are requested to put all the sticks in boxes of your color. The teacher looks like kids cope with a goal and draws the children's attention to the fact that the color sticks and boxes should be the same. Then the children perform the task.

The winner is the child who first take the sticks of your color and correct it.
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