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"Familiarity with a square and a rectangle" 2018
2016-07-16, 18:19:56
Purpose: to Introduce geometric shapes: "Square and Rectangle".
Introduce the concept of "geometric figure – a square and a rectangle, to introduce the elements of a square and a rectangle; to consolidate the oral and written methods of calculation.
To develop logical thinking, spatial imagination, ability to observe and to compare;
To cultivate kindness towards comrades and the people around him.

for the teacher: textbook, decorated Board for the lesson (see abstract, rectangles and squares from colored cardboard.

for students: workbook handle, a simple pencil, line

The lesson

I. Organizational moment.
- Hello, guys! Sit down. Today I will hold you a mathematics lesson.

Let's check, my friend,

Are you ready to begin the lesson?

All eh?

All l OK?

Pen, book and notebook? - Open your notebooks, write down the number, "cool job."

II. Message topic

- Today we will get acquainted with geometric shapes a square and a Quadrilateral. But to remember all that we have to be very careful. So let's try this with attention and memory.

III. An oral account.

1) Write down the missing number: 7... 9... 11 (8, 10)

2) Which number is preceded by the number 16? (15) .

What is the next number is a 5 (6) Write in the notebooks.

3) Solve the expression within the 20 20-5+4 =19 7+6-9 =4

4) Solve the problem. Around the house 12 duck and 2 goose. 3 birds went into the barn. How many birds left at home?

5) Draw straight, obtuse and acute angles

6) Draw a square whose side is 3cm.

- Well done! Coped with this task.

IV. Work on the topic.


1) the name of this figure? (draw a square)

A square has corners.

Show the corners of a square.

How many corners?

Show the vertices of the corners of a square.

How many vertices does a square have?

Remember: a square corner, 4 tops.

2) Define the appearance of each corner with a drawing of a square.

Remember: a square has all the angles straight

3) Show the picture all the sides of the square

How many sides does a square have?

Remember: a square has 4 sides.


1) the name of this figure? (drawn rectangle)

Show the corners of the rectangle.

How many corners?

Show vertex angles of the rectangle.

How many vertices?

Remember: rectangle 4 corners, 4 tops.

2) Define the appearance of each corner of the rectangle with a drawing of a square.

Remember: the rectangle all the corners are straight

3) Show the picture all the sides of the rectangle

How many sides have a rectangle?

Remember: the rectangle opposite sides.


1) Solve the problem: In the first group of 8 students, and in group 2 for 3 more students. How many students per group?

2) Board: Measure with a ruler the length of each side of the rectangle. Write down the resulting numbers. Compare these numbers: if there are equal numbers?

cm = cm

cm = cm

VI. The p. T. break

Time to bend and unbend

Two – to bend, to stretch

Three hands three claps, three head nod

Four hands wider.

Five and six sit quietly.

VII. Consolidation of new topics. Work with the geometric material.

This is a magical house.

Many figures in it.

What shapes did you notice, tell me.

How many quadrilaterals

And triangles, show. The Board house.)

This is followed by verification (4 of quadrilateral and 2 triangles). Well done! You're very considerate guys!

VIII. Summing up. What geometric shapes you met today? (square and rectangle) .

What have you learnt about these figures? (That square and rectangle 4 corners, 4 vertices, 4 sides) .

Assessment of students ' work.

IX. Homework. The house find objects similar to a square and a rectangle.
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