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Fun mathematics 2018
2016-12-07, 01:26:46
subject - mathematics
Shape: Quiz

urple">4)goal is to promote the development of cognitive and creative activity of students. To increase the interest to study mathematics.

Educational: to consolidate children's knowledge in mathematics;
Educational: to educate the culture of communication, strengthen mutual support.

Developing: to develop quick thinking, the ability the development of creative activity of students;

- Emoticons for estimating work
- Options. material
1. Chapeau
organizational moment;
the purpose of messages and topics;

2. The main part

math workout;
- riddles;
- a mysterious figure;
mathematics is a creative task;
-signs and numbers
urple">3. The final part
- summing up

The lesson:

1. The introductory part.

- organizational moment

Teacher. -Hello, children! Guys, today we have a very interesting event. I'm glad you all today. May this lesson bring you the joy of communication and new knowledge.
- motivation

For every correct answer you get points. The winner will be the team which scored the highest number of points. So, we begin. message themes and objectives of the class:

And the theme of our event will be "a Mathematical quiz". A goal of our event increase knowledge of mathematics and interest in mathematics.
2. The main part

teacher - Guys, look at the Board, read the statement "Someone with a child does math, you will have good attention"

teacher -And how you understand this statement (if from childhood to do the math,you will have good attention)

teacher Well done. Well, so go into the world of mathematics to learn anything new.

Mathematics is the Queen of all Sciences,

You with her friends suggest, my friend.

If the complex laws in school study,

Any difficulties you will overcome.

You'll be able to solve the problem

Will be able to fly into space,

Can you swim the sea,

Not afraid to go out of the way.

Do not be lazy, work hard,

Knowing the salt of Sciences,

To prove try

You tirelessly.

Will let the binomial theorem

For you as a friend native,

As in football, Maradona,

In algebra it is fundamental.

If all strongly examine

You'll know you're on the "5",

It is possible that you will be able to.

The stars in the sky to count.


teacher -To start I will have a math warm-up.

I'll leave you to read tasks and you have to give the correct answer. Only if you want to answer, raise your hand, not shout out the answer.

Ready (yeah)

1. Maria had one ball. On March 8 gave her 20 more of the ball. How many balls became Maria(21)

2. On branch 20 Tits. 6 birds flew away. How much is left? (14)

3. In a class of 10 boys and girls 4 less. How many girls? (6)

4. Kostya got 5 estimates. There are 4 - five. How much is Thursday? (1)

5 And Maria got on the five math 3, reading 4 fives, and music

2 the five. How many assessments? (9)

7. Luba 8 stamps, Lena 9 brands. How much of Luba smaller than Lena?

8. In the yard walked 8 chicken. They were joined by another 7 chicken. How many chickens was in the yard(15)

teacher. Well done. Did very well.

2. Puzzles

Now to solve puzzles. Be careful.

1. In class work Roofing made 18 counting sticks. Of these, 12 sticks were red and the rest blue. How many blue sticks did Roofing in the classroom work(6)

2. The table was laid for the holiday for 12 persons and came 10 people. How many on the table, extra plates have to be removed(2)

3. On the lake floated 8 swans and a few ducks. There were 20 birds. How many ducks were swimming on the lake(12)

4. On one side of the street planted 30 trees, while the other 22 trees. How many trees are on two sides of the street(52)

5. In the box there were 20 chocolates. 5 candies eaten at Breakfast. How many chocolates remained in the box(15)

6. Misha 17 brands gave him another 3 stamps. How many marks was the Misha(20)

7. In the hall was burning 15 bulbs. 3 light bulbs were burned out. How many light bulbs continued to burn(12)

7. Slava had several brands. Gave him another 2 stamps, and he was 15 marks. How many stamps were from the Fame original(13)

8. The class brought in 19 books. Of these, 11 Russian language textbooks, and the rest of mathematics. How many mathematics textbooks brought to class(8)

3. Visminda
teacher. You are probably a little tired. Let's have fun disminuido.

Bunny Belenky sitting

And ears moves.

That's it

He moves his ears.

In the morning I got a gander at the legs

Prepared for charging

Turned left, right,

Squats did properly

Beak brushed down

And again at the Desk - plop!

4. Mysterious figures.

Teacher -Do you like riddles (Yes)

Then play mysterious figures.

You will need to guess the number.

1. A Swan swims in a notebook,

So something is not right.

If you really dunno,

This figure get out. (Deuce)

This figure guessing!


She's a big conceited on.

Unit will fold with a deuce

And get a number. (Three)


If the TWO flip

And look closely,

This way and that to look again

You will get a number. (Five)


This figure with a secret.

In the winter and hot in summer

Distinguish barely,

Where her legs, head. (Eight)


It is similar to the gingerbread man

He's paunchy and cut tree.

He is like a Cat

If formed into a ball. (Zero)

teacher. -You are very good with tasks.

5. Mathematically-creative task.

teacher. Now I will give you the card, which depicts a butterfly, but whatever it is to decorate, you need to solve the examples, and then seeing what the answer was-to see color and paint it.

teacher now compare your work with the sample.

teacher. Well done, everything did.

6. Crossword

teacher. You ever solved a crossword puzzle (Yes)

To us came to visit NIF-NIF,Nuf-Nuf and NAF-NAF,and brought us the crossword puzzle that we solved it.

There's not guess the crossword, I'm going to read out jobs who guesses, will come to the Board and write the word.

1. To fill the boiler with water, NIF-NIF brought two buckets of water, and the Nub-Nub — 3 buckets. How many buckets of water brought pigs(5)

2. NAF-NAF has collected 5 acorn 4 acorn ate the brothers. How many acorns got NAF-Nafu(1-one)

3. To build his house of Nuf-Nuf 10 branches, and only used 7. How many branches are left unused(3-three)

4. NIF-NIF decided to build his house in 3 days. 2 days have passed. How many days left before the completion of construction(1-single)

5. To break the house of NIF-Nifa, the wolf blew the first 2 times and then another 6 times. How many times I had to blow the wolf(8-eight)

6. NAF-NAF carried stones to build his house. First he brought 6 of stones, and then another 3. How many stones brought NAF NAF-(9-nine)

7. On the door of the house of NAF-NAFA was 1 small bolt and 3 large. How many bolts on the door of NAF-NAFA(4-four)

8. On the dish were 5 apples. NIF-NIF, NAF-NAF and Nuf-Nuf ate one Apple. How many apples were left on the plate(2-two)

teacher. Well done!

7. Disminuci.

teacher. -Now spend disminuido.

If I mentioned the words should be written with a capital — raise your hands up, if small, squat, be careful: cat, kitten, city, Voronezh, Nikita, a third-grader, river, don, Volga, dog, cow, Buddy, dawn, Sparrow, a lesson.

8. Figure

teacher. And you know what this figure (yeah)

Let's try using the shapes to build a giraffe. I will give you the figures, and you try to collect.

teacher. Well done,very well.


teacher. -I have written on the Board are not complete examples that you need to compare or insert a number.

Who knows the correct answer, raises his hand.

teacher. Well, coped with the task.

10. Examples

teacher. And let's try to compile examples, and writing in response to the number of items.

teacher. You did a great job.

The final part.

- Results. Reflection

Our event came to an end. Do you like it? (Yes)

What jobs have caused difficulties(---)

And now let's rate their work, I give you now emoticons. And you raise the one that represents your work in the classroom.

The yellow smiley indicates that you worked well and you have a good mood.

Blue smiley face denotes that you are not working in full force, and the mood you good.

White smiley face denotes that you are find it difficult to work, and the mood is not very good.

- Rewarding.

Today you did a very good job. All tried very hard. And we NIF-NIF,Nuf-Nuf and NAF-NAF decided to reward you. (tea party)

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