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Merry Mathematics 2018
2018-02-09, 21:32:29
Extra-curricular event in the 1st class "Merry Mathematics"

Form: Quiz
Purpose - To promote the development of cognitive and creative activity of students. To increase interest in the study of mathematics.
Educational: to consolidate children's knowledge in the field of mathematics;
Educational: to cultivate a culture of communication, to bring up mutual assistance;
Developing: to develop the speed of thinking, the ability to develop the creative activity of students;
- Smilies for assessing work.

1. Introduction

-Organizing time;

-message of the purpose and topic of the lesson;


2. The main part

- mathematical warm-up;

- problems;

- mysterious figures;

-mematic-creative task;


- figurines;

-Characters and numbers


3. The final part

- summarizing



1. Introduction.

- Organizing time

Uch. -Hello children! Guys, today we have a very interesting event. I'm glad that you are all here today. Let this activity bring you the joy of communication and new knowledge.

- motivation

For every correct answer you will receive balls. The winner will be the team that scored the most points. So, we begin.

- messages of the topic and purpose of the lesson:

And the theme of our event will be the "Mathematical Quiz". And the purpose of our event is to increase knowledge of mathematics and interest in mathematics.

2. The main part

Teacher - Guys, look at the board, read the saying "Who has been doing mathematics since childhood, you will have good attention"

Teacher -And how do you understand this statement (if you are engaged in mathematics from the very childhood, you will have good attention)

Uch. Well done. Well, so we'll go to the world of mathematics, to learn that there's nothing new.

Mathematics - Queen of all sciences,

You advise with her friends, my friend.

If you study complex laws at school,

Then any difficulties you will overcome.

Can you solve the problem,

You can fly to space,

You can swim by the sea,

Not afraid to get out of the way.

Do not be lazy, work hard, try,

Knowing the salt of science,

All to prove try

You're not stuck.

It becomes a Newton binomial

For you, as a friend of your own,

As in football, Maradona,

In algebra, it is basic.

If you firmly study everything,

You will know all about "5"

That, maybe you can.

Stars count in the sky.


Teacher -To start we'll do a mathematical warm-up.

I will read the tasks for you, and you must give the correct answer. Only if you want to answer, raise your hand, do not shout out of the place.

Ready (Yes)

1. Masha had one ball. On March 8, she was given another 20 balls. How many balls have become Masha (21)

2. There are 20 tits on the branch. 6 tits flew away. How much is left? (14)

3. There are 10 boys in the class, and 4 less girls. How many girls? (6)

4. Kostya received 5 ratings. Of these, 4 five. How many four? (1)

5 A Masha got 3 math in mathematics, on reading 4 more five, and on music

another 2 five. How many total marks? (9)

7. Luba has 8 brands, Lena has 9 marks. How much is Luba less than Lena's?

8. In the courtyard 8 chickens were walking. They were joined by another 7 chickens. How many chickens are in the yard (15)

Uch. Well done. Very well managed.

2. Problems

And now solve the problem. Be attentive.

1. In the lessons of labor Tolya made 18 counting sticks. Of these, 12 rods were red, and the remaining blue rods. How many blue sticks did Tolya do in the lesson of labor (6)

2. The table was covered for a holiday for 12 people, and 10 people came. How many extra devices on the table that need to be removed (2)

3. There were 8 swans and several ducks floating on the lake. Altogether there were 20 birds. How many ducks swam in the lake (12)

4. On one side of the street planted 30 trees, and on the other 22 trees. How many trees on two sides of the street (52)

5. There were 20 candies in the box. 5 sweets ate at breakfast. How many chocolates are left in the box (15)

6. Misha has 17 marks, he was given 3 more stamps. How many stamps have Misha got (20)

7. In the hall burned 15 light bulbs. 3 bulbs burned out. How many bulbs continued to burn (12)

7. Slava had several brands. He was given 2 more stamps, and he had 15 marks. How many brands did Slava initially have (13)

8. In the class brought 19 textbooks. Of these, 11 textbooks of the Russian language, and the rest - mathematics. How many textbooks of mathematics have brought to class (8)

3. Physiotherapy

Uch. You must be a little tired. Let's have a fun-filled physical exercise.

The white-haired bunny sits

And his ears are stirring.

That's right, like this

He moves his ears.

In the morning the gander fell on his hands

Prepared for charging

Turned left, right,

Squat did just fine

Cleavik cleansed down

And again at the desk - it's spoiled!

4. Mysterious figures.

Uch. -And you like riddles (yes)

Then now play in the mysterious figures.

You will need to guess the number.

1. The swan floats in a notebook,

Then something is wrong.

If you are completely unconscious,

Get this figure. (Two)

The figure is this guess!


She's a big grin.

You will add a unit with a deuce,

And you get the number. (Troika)


If the TWO is flipped

And look carefully,

And so syak look again,

Then we get the figure. (Five)


This secret with a secret.

Both in winter and in hot summer

You can hardly tell,

Where in her legs, head. (Eight)

It looks like a bun,

He is paunchy and round.

It looks like a cat,

If it turns into a ball. (Zero)

Teacher -You are very good at the tasks.

5. Mathematically creative task.

Teacher -Today I'll give you cards on which a butterfly is depicted, but to paint it, you need to solve the examples, and only after looking at what kind of answer it turned out-look at the color and decorate it.

Now compare your work with the sample.

Teacher. Well done, all coped.
10. Examples

Uch. And let's try to make examples, and write down the number of objects in response.

Uch. You are great fellows.

Final part.

- Results. Reflection

Our event has come to an end. Did you like it? (Yes)

What tasks did you have difficulty with (---)

And now let's evaluate our work, I'll give you smiles now. And you pick up the one that stands for your work in the lesson.

A yellow smiley means that you worked well and you are in a great mood.

Blue smiley - indicates that you did not work at full strength, and you have a good mood.

A white smiley - it means that it was difficult for you to work today, and our mood is not very good.

- Rewarding.

You have done a very good job today. Everyone tried very hard. AND

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