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The game "Puzzle with sticks" 2018
2017-11-12, 13:26:04
A game for children of preschool age.

The goal: to develop logical thinking.

This puzzle is easy to take with you or to offer as a peaceful game that develops thinking. From the variety of mathematical games are most acceptable in preschool age (5-7 years) puzzle with sticks.

Sticks can offer to pay them in accordance with the schemes - in the same color sequence, observing the same location as on the diagram. Tasks go from simple to complex.
I recommend the following scheme:

Children enjoy playing this game.

But you can use sticks and other math games.

Mathematical Tasks:

1. To make 2 equal triangles of 5 sticks

2. Be 2 equal to the square of the 7 sticks

3. To make 3 equal triangle of 7 sticks

4. Make 4 equal triangles of 9 sticks

5. To make 3 equal squares of 10 sticks

6. Of 5 sticks to make a square and 2 is triangle

7. Of the 9 sticks to make a square and 4 triangles

8. Of the 9 sticks to make 2 squares and 4 equal triangles (of 7 sticks make 2 squares and divide into triangles

9. Of the 10 sticks to make 2 squares-the large and small (the small square is made up of 2 sticks inside large).

10. Of the 9 sticks to make 5 triangles (4 small triangle obtained as a result of the structure, form 1 large).

11. To make the square and the triangle is small in size

12. To make small and large squares

13. To make a rectangle, the upper and lower sides of which are equal to 3 sticks, and left and right – 2.

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