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Addition and subtraction to 10 2018
2016-07-05, 12:14:26
The purpose – creation of conditions to consolidate the students ' knowledge
topic "Addition and subtraction within 10".
To be able to perform addition and subtraction numbers to 10 when solving number expressions, tasks.
To consolidate the skill account within 10, the ability to solve problems of the studied species.
The repetition sequence number of the account within 10, the composition of the first ten numbers.
To develop logical thinking of students of mathematical speech.
To foster an interest in the tales of his people.
To raise moral and ethical orientation, i.e. parenting skills to help those in need.
The formation UUD
learning: the ability to structure knowledge, monitoring and evaluation of the process and results of activities; drafting of tasks based on the simplest mathematical models, to identify and correct the causes of their own difficulties.
logical:analysis, synthesis, choice of grounds for comparison.
Communicative UUD: to work together, to engage in constructive interaction with each other; to be able to listen and engage in dialogue, ability to Express their thoughts.
Personal UUD: to form positive attitudes to learning and their knowledge.
Regulatory OOD: monitor their work and of his friend, plan work in pairs to learn together with the teacher and other students to give emotional evaluation of its activities and the activities of the class during the lesson, to cultivate the ability to overcome difficulties.
Planned results
Personal Interdisciplinary Subject
The desire to read the tales of his people;
The ability to help the middle;
The ability to cooperate with adults and peers;
The ability to find ways out of disputes. 1. Ability to analyze, synthesize and summarize previously obtained knowledge;
2. The ability to focus on various objects of the lesson;
3. The ability to make statements. 1. Ability to read within 10;
2. The ability to solve problems studied species;
3. Knowledge of ordinal and quantitative accounts;
4. Knowledge of geometrical material
The lesson:
1. Organization class
Goal: students to work in class.
A loud bell rang.
Lesson starts.
Our ears, on the top,
Eyes wide open.
We listen, memorize,
Not a moment to lose.
(Slide 2) the Motto of the lesson: "you Know – don't know – listen."
2. Actualization of knowledge.
Objective: to Consolidate knowledge of the composition of numbers, to solve examples of addition and subtraction of numbers to develop logic and ingenuity.
- And now look each other smile. A sincere smile - success in any job. People who smile, are less sick and do not lose heart under any circumstances.
- Today we have an unusual lesson. We are going in the world of fairy tales.
Before you a numeric expression:
• Find values of expressions and find out which story will go:
4+2 8-2
9-3 7+3
10-4 8-5
In the story we will go with you? (Kolobok *fairy tale character at the sight of the ball)
- Who is the main hero of the tale? (bun)
The title of the fairy tale found out, the main character, too, and who wrote it? (Russian people)
(Slide 3)
The theme of the lesson:
- Together with the bun, we will consolidate the knowledge and skills of addition and subtraction of numbers within 10.
- Once baked Granny bun. Put it on the bench to cool, and the bun was thinking, why would I lie on the bench, I'd rather go around the world to help children and from children to gain the mind to reason.
-Rolled bun around the yard and meet him ... .Guess who?
-In order to learn you need to guess a riddle.
(Slide 4)
Tail with patterns,
Boots with spurs.
Songs sings,
The time counts (Rooster) .
Cock in a hurry, wings flapping.
-What's up, Cock? - asks the Gingerbread man.
- Why are unable to solve the problem (orally)
-Come on, guys, together we will help the cock.
Baking gingerbread man the old woman cooked 2 cups milk, and flour to 3 cups more.
How many cups of flour made the old lady?
So we helped the cock. The cock was very happy and says goodbye to us and bun.
Rolls Gingerbread man, meet him ... Guess who?
Likes carrots,
Jumps so cleverly...
-What happened to scythe? (Yes, that's trapped)
- Let's get together with bun free the hare.
Before you number: 5, 3, 2, 9, 7, 1, 8, 4, 6, 10
- Open your notebook.
Book your open
And inclined to put
I, friends, from you I must admit,
The pen I hold.
Sit straight, do not bend!
For the work I undertake.
Task:arrange the numbers in ascending order: 5, 3, 2, 9, 7, 1, 8, 4, 6, 10
-And who will call the numbers in forward and reverse order 10.
3. Self-determination activities.
Goal: mobilization of attention, objectives and lesson planning learning activities in line with the task and the conditions of its implementation.
(Slide 5) Independent work:
- Take a look and tell me what recorded Bunny... (equality) .
6-3= 8+2=
5+2= 10-2=
7-2= 10-3=
- Well done, guys. Here we release the hare. He thanks you for the help and offers.
Goal: relieve fatigue and muscle tension
One, two, three, four, five!
Sweetie started jumping.
Jump Bunny, much,
He jumped ten times.
Further work on the topic of the lesson
Objective: to solve and to make tasks of the studied species.
- Rolling a ball and there sat... Who? You need to guess a riddle (slide 6)
Gray, grouchy...
Who in the winter cold
Walks in the woods hungry
- The wolf sits and reads the task # 2 from the textbook, p. 114. He doesn't know how to solve this problem, and asked bun: "can You help me? ""I wonder,' thought the gingerbread man - can I help? "And decided to try it. Yes confused!
- Come on, guys, help out a bun. Read the task.
Yes, the Wolf forgot the part numbers.
Help guys.
- Here, guys, now the gingerbread man and the wolf figured out how to solve the problem.
-Well done, again we rescued a Bun and helped the Wolf
Objective: identify the quality and level of absorbing knowledge and ways of working.
The rolling Bun, and to the meeting.
Guess a riddle.
Walks in the summer without a road
Near the pines and birches,
And in the winter he sleeps in the den,
Frost hides the nose. (Bear)
Sitting here and can not complete the comparison. We need to solve together.
Write in a notebook and check it out.
- Well done bun, coped with the task.
– Do you think that it is very important to preserve your health?
While we decided, Bun miss my grandmother and decided to return home. Going down the road suddenly from behind a tree Fox.
- Cleverly, so tenderly spoke: “Hello, Kolobok* fairy tale character at the sight of the ball, Romanenko flank. Heard, walk, animals, help, puzzles to solve. But whether my mission to accomplish? I'm in the woods the best mathematician. Not performs I will eat you”. Nothing to do, scared gingerbread man red Fox. He had to agree.
1. Find the error. Write out only those examples in which the errors and fix them.
7+3-2=8 2+7-8=2
6- 4+7=10 1+8-6=3
8-7+6=8 9-6+5=8
10-7+4=6 10-6+5=9
10-9+7=7 10-4+3=9
2. Mark in your notebook dots as in the pictures.
1. Connect the dots by line segments so that 1 Fig. happened broken of three sections.
2. Connect the dots by line segments so that 2 Fig. it turned out broken out of the four links.
3. Than the second polyline is different from the first?
4. As it can be called differently?
- Well done bun, coped with the task. Doing nothing had the Fox let go of the bun, she was left with nothing.
- Let's do a Fox!
Goal: relieve fatigue and muscle tension
We legs top top!
We hands clap clap!
We are the eyes of a MiG-MiG,
We shoulders Chik-Chik.
Times - here, two there,
Turn around around.
One two, one two
It is time for us to do
Objective: identify the quality and level of absorbing knowledge and ways of working.
- Rolled Gingerbread home, and the grandmother, though happy, but still decided to teach him a lesson for disobedience and ordered to perform a task 7 page 115 orally.
- Guys, what grandma punished the bun?
You need to listen to adults, without permission not to leave. If you want to go somewhere, then be sure to ask an adult.
-Guys, remember, what fairy tale characters was found Gingerbread man during your journey. (Slide 9)
-Who do you think is superfluous?
-Where these animals live?
- Do you think the animals is difficult in the winter?
The beasts it is hard in the winter during snowfalls, snowstorms, hard frost. In this weather, they often die from starvation. Therefore animals, like birds in winter to feed.
Only real friends come quickly to help. Let us always help each other and their loved ones.
One or one
It is difficult to cope with the disaster.
The word WE
Stronger than "I"
We are a family
And we're friends.
Purpose: the ability of students to evaluate themselves, the boundaries of your knowledge and ignorance.
slide 10
- Thanks to all for their excellent work. If you liked the lesson and you feel comfortable in the classroom, show the sun. If you do not understand something or you missed the lesson, show cloud.
Summing up the lesson
Goal: give a qualitative assessment of the work of the class and individual students
- What do you remember about the lesson?
- I also want to say "thank you" for such amazing communication. Thank you that you helped each other and the heroes of the tale.
- Let the good triumphs over evil forever!
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