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Topic "Circumference Circle" 2018
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Objective: to acquaint pupils with new geometric shapes: circle, circle and their elements (diameter, radius, center).

Objectives: 1) to introduce the history of mathematical concepts;

2) to teach pupils to use compasses for striking circles;

3) to develop attention, spatial thinking, memory, imagination, vision, vocabulary of children;

4) conduct safety training on how to use a compass

5) to foster a love of math, hard work, discipline, camaraderie.

6) accuracy and caution in the use of a compass.

7) to nurture spiritual and moral values. Respect for the traditions of the people.

Type of lesson: explanation of new material.

Equipment for pupils:

1. workbook

2. the compass

3. colored pencils

4. line

Equipment for the teacher:

1. Poster "Sit right"

2. trainer for eye

3. test work

4. the compass

5. line

6. a set of geometric shapes

7. computers

8. music box with geometric figures

9. handout

10. table

11. crayons

The lesson

I. Organization class

1. From: the bell Rang for us

All the guys called it in class

In order for children not lazy

Happy worked

All health wish

And start our lesson

At each other looked

Smiled at each other

Wished kind look

Excellent marks

And behind the Desk sat in silence.

2. At the lesson we have a lot of guests – teachers of our school. Let them listen to what they came to us for a lesson (teachers response).

3. I wish you success in your work, I will definitely help who will take the trouble. Our medical assistant and the owner of the office is Kavinsky N. A.

The motto of our work: "Everyone helps everyone, everyone helps everyone". (slide # 1)

II. Checking homework

1. Guys like this motto is associated with homework? (Need to solve examples, compare the answer with the letter and guess the riddle – "Near the trees from the needles on a summer day, built the house, the grass is not visible, and residents in this million - ant).

2. Ants are very great workers. They work together, harmoniously, actively help each other. And so we have to work with you.

3. 6000 species of ants: ants are forest honey, garden, tailors, leaf cutter and other.

III. Actualization of knowledge.

1. Look closely at the geometric shapes (open Board).

(triangle, square, circle, Pentagon)

2. Call it, what is this figure?

3. Some of their points are indicated by letters. Where are the points? (inside the border).

4. Look closely at the figures and tell. What a figure too much?

Triangle - one point on the border;

Square - point is not in the center;

Circle - the rest of the polygons.

5. Make 2 words: 1) letters that are on the border of the figure (circle); 2) letters, which are inside the shapes (circle)

6. Today in class we detail and talk about circumference and circle.

IV. The theme of the lesson: "a Circle. The circle (slide # 2)

1. Now, guys, work with you to try to determine the purpose of our lesson (if difficult, ask: What do you need in order to understand this topic)

2. A wise man said, "the Circle is the soul of geometry".

(slide No. 3)

3. Why is the circle called the soul geometry will tell us Bulova Alena (Alena stands in the pulpit).

"The circle"

A circle is a closed line, all points of which are equidistant from the center.

Circumference – an astonishing figure, the ancient Greeks it was considered the most perfect. Why are there no triangular wheels? Imagine, there were eccentric, made a Bicycle with triangular wheels. Only no oddballs, people have long understood that the wheels should be round.

Wheel axle located in the center, the spokes are radii, rim – circumference.

No matter how you turn the wheel, the distance between the earth and the axis remains the same, so the wheel rolls smoothly.

The wheel was invented a long time ago. Since then, made many discoveries and images, but now the basis of devices and machines lies the circle.

The circle has always attracted the attention of artists and architects. Arches, semicircular Windows give elegant. When using the circle will be very beautiful patterns.

In some instruments the scale are arranged on circles or arcs.

That's why the circle is the soul of geometry.

4. Conclusion.

The circle really has a beauty and grace, and that we make sure that when we draw a circle to solve problems. Dominated by the circle? (answers of children)

V. Work in their notebooks.

1. Opened the notebook, wrote down the number, class work (based on the poster "Sit properly" wink .

2. The Board will be asked to enter two students. One student we will draw the circle, another student in the circle.

You guys work in notebooks: 1V. - raise your right hand – draw a circle 2B. - raise your left hand draw a circle.

3. Were given different tasks, and the figures turned out to be similar. Than a circle differs from the circle? This is the problem we solved in class. (slide # 4)

4. Why the figures turned out to be inaccurate – (instrument and hand will not hold.

5. – Prepare the compass. Look at it closely (a teacher of great compass).

- What it consists of (2 legs on the end of the first needle, at the end of the second stylus is a pencil).

- A compass is a drawing tool for striking circles. In translation from Latin means circle - the circus (if the kids don't answer the question, the teacher helps).

- With the compass necessary to work very carefully.

6. What are the rules how to use a compass (to keep to face and eyes; you cannot transfer the compass to a neighbor needle forward; not to play; the compass must be in a special case).

7. - Demonstrate how to pass the compass neighbor's party (1V. reports, then 2V., the neighbor needs to say the magic words).

- What is the leg of the compass stands in the center of the circle (with a needle). Why? (pencil drawing).

VI. The training work.

1. Now we will train to build the circle.

2. Any work performed on....(algorithm).

3. What is the algorithm? (order of execution).

4. We will learn how to make a circle algorithm.

5. Attention to the screen (slide # 5)

1) - fall Back down 10 cells

- Note the point About

- Put the needle to the center

- Held a closed line

This closed line is called the circumference, and the center of the circle. (Kentron – a stick with a pointed end, which drove the animals in the sled). (slide No. 6)

2) the distance between the legs of a compass – the radius is denoted as r r card.

3) try to formulate a definition of radius (r is the segment that connects the center of the circle with a point on the circle).

4) Spent several radii. If they are equal in length? (Yes)

(slide # 7)

5) a circle divides the plane into 2 parts. What is the part inside the circle (the circle) ---to paint. (slide No. 8)

6) Conclusion: What is a circle different from the circle? Circumference is the boundary of the circle. The round part inside the circle.

VII. Trainer for eye (hitpause).

VIII. Practical work.

1) Start working.

2) – Take the circle (slide # 9)

- Fold in half

- Found a fold line

- Draw it in coloured pencil

- This line is called the diameter and is denoted by d (show card)

- Do specify the definition of the diameter (a line that connects two points of circle and passes through the center).

IX. Work in groups. (slide # 10)

1) the First group works on computers, does the job.

2) the Second group performs a creative task.

3) Ask group 1 to take the computers, turn them on and get acquainted with the tasks.

Creative task (group 2)

1. Circle circle in red pencil

2. Make it an internal part of the figure

3. Lead r

4. Spend d

5. From shapes select oval and paint it like an Easter egg

4) Read carefully the job, what difficulties.

5) Work independently.

6) Work algorithm

- Draw 2 circles of different sizes

- Complete the fill

- Circle border

- Draw a diameter

- What is the shape like an elongated circle.

- Try to make the egg.

- With the help of which we can arrange it? (eraser, fill, airbrush, pencil).

7) Ask guests to see the work.

8) Information about Easter.

Guys no wonder we painted eggs.

- When the paint balls?

- When is Easter?

Easter eggs painted in different colors, but the main place belongs to red. The egg is a symbol of life. In the shell is a hidden life, then there is a yellow chick. Mary Magdalene (Saint) came to the Emperor, in her hand was an egg, and said that Jesus Christ was resurrected. The Emperor laughed and said: "This can not be the same as a white egg suddenly become red, he did not have time to say that, the egg turned red. Since then, this event symbolizes faith in the Lord, and we paint eggs.

X. the End of the lesson. (slide No. 11)

1. Throughout the lesson we were active, attentive, worked like ants.

2. Have we reached the goal of the lesson?

3. Decide whether we are the problematic issues?

XI. Homework assignment (hand out leaflets)

Make applique circles in different sizes, adding other geometric shapes.

XII. Psychological game (magic box)

1. Choose from trunk (I just lift the trunk, any shape (triangle, square, circle).

2. - Clap your hands those who chose the circle.

The circle – these people are kind, sociable

- Jump up and down, who chose a triangle.

Triangle is a leader, persistent, stubborn

- Perform tilts to the right, left, right square.

Square – easygoing and friendly.

Conclusion: despite the fact that your character is different, but pleased me with their work. Well done! Umnichki! Thanks for the lesson, and guests thank you for your attention.

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