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Letter A 2018
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Objective: Create conditions for the formation of subject competence and basic competences. Activate skill use lexical and grammatical material issues. Repeat study earlier letter. To familiarize students with new letter A a. Continue to develop the skills monologue speech. Cultivate respect for friends and classmates.

Type of lesson: the lesson of formation of competence and basic competences.

Methods: gaming, explanatory, illustrative and interactive.

Equipment: alphabet cards, cards with letters, subject pictures.

Course of the lesson:

I. Introduction.

1. The organizational part.

- Stand up, please!

Teacher: Good morning, good morning, good morning to you.

Good morning, good morning I'm glad to see you.

Students: Good morning, good morning, good morning to you.

Good morning, good morning I'm glad to see you too.

2. Language charge.

T: Let's talk about the weather. What is the weather like today?

P: It is good / so-so / bad / cold / hot.

T: Is it raining / snowing / sunny / windy today?

P: Yes, it is./No, it is not.

II. Main part.

1. Launching foreign-atmosphere

T: Let's begin our lesson. Let's listening the rhyme.

My little cat

is very fat.

My little dog

is very strong.

Cat - dog,

Fat - strong,

It's very long,

It's very long.

(Verse Students listen and try to guess what is said in the poem.)

2. Motivation. TOPIC and purpose.

Ps: Called as referred to in the poem.

Teacher: Today we'll continue talking about toys. Look, I have got different toys. What toys do you know? Other toys we learn today.

3. Activation of lexical material issues.

1) The game "What's gone?"

Attached to the board cards depicting toys and pronounce their names. Students repeat after me 2-3. Then, turning a blind eye pupils and the teacher removes one of the cards from the board. Students have opened his eyes to indicate which toy is missing.

2) Submission of a new lexical material.

How do you think what is the importance letter of English alphabet

A when beginning

B when pollinating flowers

C if you're a whale

D when fantasy role-playing

E when a crazy chainsaw murderer is chasing you

F when you want a letter with a word named after it


H when you really want to take the Lord's name in vain

I most of the time

J if you are a cat at the bird feeder

K for being agreeable but terse

L because just plain "Sam Jackson" doesn't sound very badass

M receiving instructions for your next mission for her majesty's secret service

N when counting

O if you want your name to sound more Irish

P will be most important when it's least convenient

Q when an omnipotent being is toying with you out of boredom and the future of humanity depends on your cleverness or moral character

R mostly for pirates

S in Scrabble

T at a steakhouse

U for sinking Allied battleships

V when flying south for winter

W for addressing twins

What can you see on this pictures?

3) Learning the words in different ways.

4. Study the letter Cc.

1) Slide the printed letters.

2) Write on the board.

4) prescription in notebooks.

Applying knowledge in standard situations.

(Repeat name toys studied and studied letters)

The game «Yes / No!»

Displaying card and ask for a picture. Students chorus match.


T: Is this a frog?

Ps: No, it is not.

T: Is this a car?

Ps: Yes, it is.

III. Final part.

1. Preparation of associative bush.


2. Summary.

T: Thank you for your hard work. You are great today. Let's sum up the results of our work. Here are nice prizes for you, my dear children.

X when you break a bone

Y not

Z when you are sleepy

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