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Letter F f 2018
2018-01-07, 14:32:17
Objective: to teach children the letter Ff; distinguish it in words; learning to write a printed letter; to consider the number of words with the letter Ff

Teacher: good afternoon, children.
Today we will learn the English letter Ff.
1. Demonstration by the teacher writing the letters Ff.

2. Writing letter Ff stencil

3. Coloring pictures with the letter F f: fish

4. Hearing a song
Learn The Letter F | Let's Learn About The Alphabet | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

5. A game for students: "Find the picture of the letter F f ". Children who found the letter to have it cut around in a circle with a pen.

6. The study of words with the letter Ff. Writing them.

The conclusion of the lesson. What letter did you study? What words with the letter F f do you remember?
Activity: cut around the template letter F f
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