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Letter G 2018
2017-04-14, 21:47:32

to teach students to recognize the letter G; be able to write it according to the pattern; to form the skills to hold a pencil; to trace the letter pattern.

The lesson
- Good morning, What literature have You studied in the previous lesson? (The Letter D).
- Write on the Board the letter. Anyone? (Two students one by one to write the letter D). Well.

1. Familiarity with the letter G
Today we will study a new letter. It is similar in spelling to the giraffe. Look at the picture. Now in the air write the letter.

2. Familiarization with words that begin with the letter G. the Reading of words by the teacher. The repetition of words pupils for a teacher.

3. Viewing kartino with drawings on the letter G
goose [guːs] гуска
goat [gəʊt] коза
grape [greɪp] виноград
groundhog [ˈgraʊndhɒg] сурок
gorilla [gəˈrɪlə] горилла
giraffe [ʤɪˈrɑːf] жирафа

4. The stroke for dots pattern. The end result is a picture of a goose.

5. Finding the letter among other letters. (The teacher asks the students a picture in which there is a lot of letters. The task for students is to find small and large letter ' G ' and circle with a pen on a piece of paper).

The conclusion of the lesson. What letter did you study? Write it in the air. What are words that start with the letter G.

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