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"Just to be polite" 2018
2017-01-01, 22:10:50
Extracurricular activities in education of culture of behavior "just to Be polite"
The aim of the lesson: to teach children polite treatment and respect for the person of any age familiar with the world of polite words and turns of speech, to form spiritually and morally developed personality.

– Hello,guys! Smile! How nice to see a man who smiles a friendly smile! We all smiled and life, even for a small droplet, became happier and kinder.
Guys, listen to the story.
The day was Sunny. The ice glistened. People at the rink was not enough. Little girl, funny outstretched arms, went from the bench to the bench. Two students had tied his skates and looked at Victor.

Victor was playing tricks, then went on one leg, spinning like a top.

- Well done! - shouted one of the boys.

Victor boom swept in a circle, dashing turned and ran into the girl. The girl fell. Victor was scared.

I didn't mean to. he said, shaking off her coat the snow. - Hurt?

The girl smiled.

- The knee.

Behind came a laugh.

"They're laughing at me!" - thought Victor and angrily turned away from the girl.

- Eka wonder - a knee! Here is a crybaby! he shouted, passing by students.

Join us! - they called.

Victor approached them. Holding hands, all three of them merrily slid on the ice. And the girl was sitting on a bench, rubbing a bruised knee and was crying.

Guys, is it possible to call Vitya polite person? Why? (Answers of children).

- For everyone – children, adults, and want all their friends and neighbors, and even strangers passers-by always would treat them carefully, always loved and respected them. To no one did they comments. And the secret is that only a polite, educated person, the people around are good. Only polite person everyone loves and respects.

Today in class we will talk about courtesy and rules of conduct.

But what is politeness?

(Answers of children)

Courtesy – respect the rules of decency.

A polite man, so observe the rules of decency, well-mannered and courteous.

Guys, let's check whether you have forgotten the “magic” words? I read the beginning of the poem, and you have to guess the last word:

In the exchange of kind words participate

And often say (Hello)

Don't be a lazy day

To say at the meeting (good day)

After Breakfast, you could

To say to all the chefs (thank you).

Out of courtesy, not out of pity

Often say (please).

When you go all goodbye

Tell simple (goodbye)

The physical activities and training.

How do they live? – That's it! thumb up

But float? – That's it! simulation of swimming

How are you running? – That's it! running in place

Looking forward? – That's it! the palm at the forehead

Waiting for lunch? – That's it! the circular stroking of the abdomen

After wave? – That's it! waving his hand

Morning sleep? – That's it! palms at his cheeks

And naughty? – That's it! stomp their feet, waving their head, hands.

Guys, now let's look at a situation in which it may be, every one of you. Let's make Rules "polite person" who write and post in the most conspicuous place, to never forget them.

Situation 1.

After work, mom cooked dinner, washed the dishes and went to wash clothes. And Mary got comfortable on the sofa and started to watch cartoons.

Rule 1.

A polite Person always thinks about other people.

Situation 2.

Marina on his birthday gave a large set of markers. The next day she proudly showed her gift to the girls. "I won't give it to you as" she said to her friends.

Rule 2.

Be polite with your mates.

Situation 3.

Sasha ran into the class and shouted, "Hey, Dimon! I'm Svetku redhead pushed. That was funny when she fell in a puddle!"

Rule 3.

A polite person will not cause trouble to another person, not hurt him insulting nickname.

Situation 4.

One day Dylan came home on the bus. He sat down near the window and with interest considered the street. Suddenly the tram came an old woman. Dylan looked at her and turned away again to the window.

Rule 4.

Polite people, attentive to people.

Situation 5.

Natasha has a lot of friends. They often meet, walk, play, doing together homework. Natasha with her friends is never boring.

Rule 5.

Polite person not to quarrel with friends, working and playing together.

Guys, let's give you a game that will allow you to understand how polite you are. The game is called “Chair of truth”. Listen closely to the course and the rules of the game:

- You sit on a chair with his back to his comrades.

This chair can take anyone who's willing to answer questions frankly. Other students will ask questions of you, but the questions to ask are not random, and such that reveal its quality.


- Do you consider yourself polite and well-mannered man?

- What positive qualities do you have?

- What negative qualities have you?

- Were there cases when you did not behave politely towards others? A lot of times?

- What positive qualities you like to see in people?

- What negative qualities would you like to see in people (classmates?

- What would you like to change in relation with peers, with parents, with teachers?

- You're a good man, etc.

So you've learned a lot about my friends. Many thanks to them for participation, because they are afraid to come out and answer unexpected questions.

And to finish our lesson I want you here these words:

I want to tell you goodbye

Before we part

And all go home

I want to say goodbye,

Wishing you,

So good you were

Magic words are not forgot,

To good words

Said you and your friends.

We leave now

Good luck to you! Good luck!

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