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Learn to apologize and forgive 2018
2017-03-26, 21:21:32
Abstract ethical dialogue with students 1 class "Learn to apologize and forgive"

The goal is to bring awareness of the need for forgiveness of injuries in real life situations.


1) promote the development of moral feelings;

2) to foster understanding between parents children;

3) to develop positive emotions, empathy, the desire to do good to themselves and to others;

4) contribute to the development of associative and logical thinking, analytical SPO-the ability, of students speaking;

5) to broaden their horizons, to promote the formation of the careful attitude to native language, traditions of the Russian people.

Universal educational actions:

• personality:

- to form an idea about forgiveness;

- understanding of the importance of the ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness;

- evaluation of their actions;

- developing the ability to work in a group;

• regulatory:

- formation of ability to overcome impulsiveness, neproizvol behavior;

- building skills to interact with peers and parents in extracurricular activities;

- the formation of readiness to overcome difficulties;

- formation of skills to plan and organize their activities;

• informative:

- development of curiosity and learning initiative;

- developing the ability to allocate the main thing;

- developing the ability to consciously build a speech utterance;

- work with information;

- formulation and solution of problems;

• communicative:

- the ability to answer the question;

- the ability to perform mutual control and mutual assistance in the course assignments.

- the ability through questions to obtain the necessary information;

- the ability to engage in dialogue;

- the ability to substantiate their statements;

- to clearly Express their thoughts;

- the ability to listen.

The lesson

1. Tie. The yield on the issue.

Hey, kids, parents and guests! Today we have another ethical lesson, right-yeah, a little odd, because the presence of guests. Besides, the meeting came to us parents. Thank you, our wonderful mom and dad, because you are always near. I count on your support, assistance and understanding.

And to start I would like with a poem by Eduard Asadov.

In a white dress, like a snowflake,

Whether to visit, whether in his father's house

There was a girl in a winding path

And carried a bouquet of flowers.

Slender as a silver poplar,

Fun as a ringing brook,

Something her tenderly, whispering leaves,

Smile every petal...

Something loomed in the corner,

And, cruelly abandoned by the hand,

The dress white girls

Suddenly stuck with grass dirty com.

Like I didn't understand anything

The girl was considered dirt

And the boy, rubbing his hands,

Brazen smiled, squinting his eyes.

Not wept, not called a boor

The proud culprit in the answer

But with a smile bright bully

Left fragrant your bouquet.

And nodded her short red haircut

(The heart is,and the mischief,

Ran the shamed boy

With dry dirt on his hands.

If the evil people in your life

Suddenly leave dirty tracks,

You like the girl-snowflake,

Throw in their forgiveness flowers.

- What is this poem about?

- What do you think about what we are going to speak today?

- You are right, the topic of today's discussion: "Forgiveness." Guys, today we need to know what is forgiveness? Do I need to forgive and how to do it?

2. It combines logical thoughts on the issue.
- What is the definition of the word "forgive" give dictionaries?

In "the Explanatory dictionary we read: "to Forgive is to do simple from sin, guilt, debt; to forgive, to let go of to whom the duty to remove someone from obligation, release from punishment, penalty; to reconcile heart, whose hatred for the offense to shift from anger to mercy; mercy".

But in another dictionary it says: "to Forgive is not to blame it on anything, sorry".
- Of course, "forgiveness," a word with many meanings, but the most essential value for us is the reconciliation of the heart, milovana.


-When you say the word "sorry"?

- Raise your hand if someone ever hurt.

Hands up those who ever wronged someone.

- Yes, each person has played both roles: the offended and the offended.

- You can remember their grievances? Who are you offended? For what?

- How did you do in this situation?

- Tell us what you felt?

- Is it easy to forgive someone who wronged you?

- Easy person to live with resentment?

- Do you like when you forgive and not punish? So you, too, must forgive others. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you).

The inability to forgive often leads to tragic consequences. On the ground, a lot of fights, wars, tears, because some people can not and do not want to forgive each other.

I want to tell You about a strange disease called "the disease of unforgiveness".

"Distant and hot Africa, in the cool water of a tranquil lake there lived a Hippo. One fine morning, he contracted an infectious disease, which for a day became infected and were sick all the inhabitants of the lake. And how it all happened, you'll see.

That same morning, very early Behemoth was awakened by someone shouting. But because in the morning he had a bad, we can say very foul mood. It was a little lie on the lake bottom and then popped up and went to the shore to find food. At the very moment when his back got out of the water, he landed little birds. This is often the case-a moose before, and Behemoth always forgave walking around the back of the birds. After all, on the back of a Hippo loved to live different worms, bugs and mosquitoes, that his back much of the Sanchez-Las, and the birds, pecking away at insects right from the back, helped him a lot.

But this time one of the birds pecked a little harder Hippo, and the Hippo suddenly took, and never forgave her. He suddenly became angry and began to chase from his back all the birds. Turning around, he accidentally stepped on the tail of the Crocodile lying on the Bank. The crocodile also became very angry and somehow also did not want to forgive Hippo. But the Hippo was big and strong, but because the Crocodile decided in anger to bite someone in less than itself, and ran it then for toothy Pike. Barely sailed Pike and a Crocodile, but she managed to get from him by not forgiving. Instead of forgive and calm down, she decided to do something about the poor little frogs. Pike began to chase after them, and the frog hardly managed to swim to shore and jump out of the water. Angry angry frogs for Pike, also did not want to forgive her and began to chase the mosquitoes.

Stir all the mosquitos frog, peacefully sitting in the grass. A whole cloud of mosquitoes vzle-body on the shore of the lake. Saw the mosquito on the back of a Behemoth no birds, together and sat down to his back. Soon the lake came the roar. It roared at the Behemoth, because on his back the mosquitoes got myself a feast. Itching Behemoth back, he began to spin again and again stepped on a Crocodile. And again, the Crocodile became angry and drove Xia for Pike. And so all day, chasing each other.

Only in the evening, when the entire lake was terribly alarmed, and filled with noise and shouting, the Behemoth decided to forgive the birds, and threw them on his back. The birds chased away mosquitoes, and Behemoth, has finally calmed down. Behind the Behemoth calmed down and the Crocodile. He forgave the Hippo because he couldn't step on his tail. Pike forgave the Crocodile and ceased to be angry with the frogs, and the frogs had ceased to be offended by Pike and never touched mosquitoes. Because the sunset over the lake again reigned peace and quiet, and its inhabitants sank into a peaceful sleep.

In Africa I still remember that strange disease. Had a long argument between a animals and birds, what kind of disease were the inhabitants of the lake and why are they all day so re-fought and chased each other. And after much debate with the wise lion animals up with the disease name, the disease of unforgiveness."

– From-for what inhabitants of the lake began to quarrel, to get angry and chase each other? (To forgive, forget)

Anger and unforgiveness is similar to an infectious disease, when it passes from one to the other?

– Why again in the evening on the lake was quiet and silence?

– If someone doesn't like and doesn't want to forgive another, what can happen then? (Beginning-not to be offended, to get angry, to tease, to fight, and in the end will remain in a bad mood).

– Who hurt the inhabitants of the lake that I didn't want each other to forgive? (Only to ourselves).

– For whom is useful the ability to forgive and why? (Offended, forgiveness he wins the resentment and ill humor).

-In addition, I want to acquaint you with the tale , listen:

"Fun on the banks of a babbling brook grew a pretty flower disacare. Once brook playfully sprinkled a few drops. Angry disacare and shouted; "Ugly brook as you dare to splash! All dress me soaked! Get out, you don't want to play with you".

-Don't be mad, I accidentally did apologized to a trickle. – A little patience, the sun vividly will dry you.

But disacare to listen wanted nothing and did not forgive a streamlet. Offended a trickle and turned the other way. To replace the spring it's hot summer... Disacare was exhausted. From lust for his pretty green dress dusty and covered with dirty spots. In poluza-watchem the flower can be difficult to find once it has a spectacular view disacare. Remembered a flower here about your old friend and, sighing, said, "Be with me now a trickle, he watered and washed me, and would be I again same pretty, as before, a flower".

Decided here disacare to call a streamlet and to ask for forgiveness, but from weakness could not shout loudly... At that time, as luck would have it, there was no rain, nor dew our flower day by day all withered more, and soon the children found it in the grass quite dry".

-What disacare angry brook (answers)

So very naughty brook to hear words like "ugly", "get", "don't want to play with you"(answers)

-How did the trickle (sorry)

-What brook was offended by a flower? What did he do on offense?

-When and why the flower remembered the brook (answers)

-What words he was ready to tell the flower to my friend back (answers)

-What is the end of this tale? How did you feel (answers)

You need to be able to forgive for yourself. First of all, forgiveness brings solace to the person, he releases himself from insults and the worm no longer sharpens. But if the worm is sitting and from year to year, digs and digs, that, ultimately, will give a disease.

Conclusion: to live with a heavy heart because resentment, anger hard.

-That was not hard, we must learn to ask forgiveness.

Let's look at each other, say, among you such a situation happen? If Yes, how do you do? How do you ask forgiveness? Show.

- Reconciled! Reconciled! No more fight! -I'm sorry I'll never do it again!

Shake man to man, hand to touch a hand to another person.

Why in the forgiveness people give each other a hand?

-There are rules "How to ask for forgiveness."

Approach the person with whom you want to make peace, to call him by his name, look him in the eye and say clearly, was to understand your words. And most importantly they need to say is-crane, i.e. from the heart, one to feel remorse.

-Guys, so we were not sad or hurt, it is important to learn to understand and forgive friends.

Now, let's practice and try to ask forgiveness and to forgive. Choose PA-ru, stand facing each other. Imagine that you have offended someone and want to put up with. You can apologize in the most kind and warm words, shake hands and hug.

And if you forgave a friend – be sure to smile at him, looking straight in the eye! And, you can shake hands.

3. Physical a minute

4. The analysis of the situation

-What do you think, is it easy to apologize? You need to forgive someone? It is not always easy. You need to show courage, patience and willpower.

-What can I do to not have to ask for forgiveness? (Wise tip is capable of preventing tit action, which would be a shame then. To the bitterness of disappointment not for-crept into the soul, it is necessary first of all not to hurt yourself).

- Situations in which we hurt or offend us, there are, after all, to live life, not versa errors impossible. Let's analyze a few situations that occurred with your peers, guys. Questions in front of you.

- Between whom the fight was about?

- Who is right and who is wrong?

- What is your solution?

Watch and share the experience.

1) Author: Marina was waiting for your birthday. She tried to guess what her hearth-RIT mom. Perhaps a new hat that she so desperately needed to the jacket that gave grandparents.

Mom: Good morning, daughter! Happy birthday, my dear! Be healthy and happy! And here's my gift! Wear, daughter health! (mother gives a stocking cap).

Daughter: Mom, what beanie knitted? You itself is that it was knitting? What they could not in the store to buy? She's not fashionable!

Mother: Daughter associated with his hands things never go out of style. I tried so hard! It is perfect for your new jacket!

Daughter: If you like it, so wear it myself! - resentfully said the Marina and dumped Sha-kidney.

2) Mitya: Tomorrow we have a competition.

Sergey: so what?I'm not going. It is not enough on Sunday to go to the competition.

Mitya: So you're not coming?

Sergey: I will Not go! And neither should you!

Author: Monday Mitya learned that Sergey not only went to the competition, but saw it there in the first place.

3) Tanja: Lena, we have a test tomorrow. Will you help me?

Lena: Of Course. Let's study today. I'll show you how to solve these tasks.

Tanya: You don't understand. Better pass me the control solution. I'm still nor-when these problems do not understand!

Lena: No, Tanya! Don't count on it!

Tanya: Ah, so! So, you're not my friend anymore!

- Yes, such situations are not uncommon.

5. A moral choice.

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