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"The Way Of The Good." Class hour on spiritually-moral education 2018
2016-08-28, 21:57:01
Formation of ideas about good, evil and moral responsibility for their actions.
1. The formation of the most important moral values: kindness, respect, love.
2. Developing the ability to feel and understand other
3. Contribute to the development of empathy to the people around you, compassion, reflection.
4. To develop the ability to analyze their actions, to relate them to human values.
5. To increase the level of understanding, cohesion, consistency of their actions with
the actions of others.

The progress of the class.


- Good day, guys! I am pleased to welcome you to the class.

- Please look at the Board. Who do you see? (Fairytale characters)

- Let's call them.
-Which of these fairy tale characters would you like to be like? Why?

- What two groups can they be divided? (good and bad, good and evil, etc.) Why?

- How do you think we are going to discuss today in class? (answers of children)-

- Guys! Today we are going to talk about kindness and evil, good deeds.

- Now I will tell you a parable about Good and Evil.

- Once upon a time the old Indian opened his grandson a vital truth:

In every person there is a struggle, much like the struggle between two wolves. One wolf is evil – envy, jealousy, selfishness, ambition, lies...the Other wolf is good – peace, love, hope, truth, kindness, loyalty...Little Indian, touched to the core words of his grandfather, for a few moments thought, and then asked: "And which wolf wins in the end?"Old Indian barely perceptible smile and replied, "Always wins the wolf that you feed".

- Guys,what wolf are you feeding and what?

Remember, please, good thing you did. Or talk about the act that someone did, and you remembered. (answers of children)

– Do you find it difficult to be kind? Do I need to learn kindness? (answers of children)

Good and evil do always

In the power of all people.

But evil is going on without difficulty,

To do good is difficult.

- Yes, not easy to be a good person. This is necessary to study all life. And help us not only by our parents, teachers, but also good old tales. After all, in fairy tales, Good always triumphs over Evil. Let's remember some of the tales of our heroes and what they did things. (answers of children).
- Now we play. The game is called "Mat the world".

- Did you happen to argue with any of his classmates. What were you arguing about? With whom you often argue? (answers of children)

- What was the end of your arguments? How did you feel after that? (answers of children)

- I brought the rug world", which we will try to resolve the dispute peacefully.

(you can take a few situations, which spoke to the guys and take them apart)

Two guys sit on the Mat and trying to play the situation.

- Why the conflict occurred?

- How could resolve it?

- How to be a man, so that conflicts can be resolved peacefully?)the children's responses)

Do no harm! Think! Do not make a noise!

Of all respect! Kinder look!

Don't argue, since I'm not sure! Get away!

And, if anybody came out and there's not much

The first come here myself, by the way.

Say - let's forget all showdown.

"Bad peace is better than war," in the saying.

You're The Man! You're a smart, kind, know,

You I, honey, trust!

You're friendly! We are not the right pair.

And that fight is necessary to us? Hardly!"

- How to behave, if still a conflict?

- What words end the poem?

The teacher shows the children a paper doll.

- Good about your actions we remembered. And did you ever commit a bad deed? Or offend someone? Often, even a word can hurt someone.

- What do you see in my hands? Right. It was a doll. It is made of paper. Now each of you will remember a bad deed, or give an example of bad actions. And this is to bend a piece of the doll.

- What happened to our puppet? (answers of children)

Why? (answers of children)

- So much hurt, resentment.

- How can you fix it? (answers of children – to Apologize, to ask forgiveness)

Okay. What words can you apologize? (answers of children)

- We apologize. to apologize, to say something nice and smooth doll.

- Look, what has changed? The doll is same what I showed you? (answers of children)

Why? (answers of children)

- Offending in the soul of another person is still the pain, the scars, unpleasant aftertaste. Correct to say: words can hurt.

- Why are grievances important?

- How do you feel when you hurt?

- How can we raise each other's mood?

- What winodellut to be kinder?

-Love those around you, and you will feel how you become happier.

Independent work

The song "Road of good ”

- At your Desk, everyone is a moth, which Dr. Feelgood glued the wing. Paint it.

- And on the Board for two of the planet fabulous. One planet is Good. The second planet of Evil.

- Glue your butterfly on any of these planets.

- Let's compare the planets. What happened?

- Why did this choice?

- It is good to be kind and why?

Interesting learned?

And as we kind words are needed!

Time and again we have seen it for yourself!

Maybe not the words but deeds are important?

Deeds – deeds and words - words.

They live in each of us,

At the bottom of the soul before the time stored.

In order to pronounce them in the same hour,

When they need!

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