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Acquaintance with the technique of painting dry leaves 2018
2017-11-23, 15:02:36
Acquaintance with the technique of "painting of dry leaves"
Children age 4-5 years.

The golden autumn has ended, the wind has torn off the last leaves from the trees, nature lives in anticipation of winter. It's time to get dry leaves from the album, remember the wonderful autumn walks and ... introduce children to new techniques - painting dry leaves.
Necessary materials:
dry leaves, paints (we used acrylic, brush, napkin, jar of water.
Invite children to circle the contour of the sheet, use the line and the point as an expressive tool. Points can also be applied with a cotton swab.

The painted leaf is glued on velvet paper (since the dry leaf is brittle, the teacher adheres the leaf to the velvet paper).


The leaves must be collected in dry weather, otherwise the material will perepreet.

How to dry and save the leaves.

1. The fastest way: iron between newspaper sheets.

But with this method, the color of the leaves strongly dims.

2. To sustain in an old magazine of 5 days, having laid leaves with napkins

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