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Applique plates "Winter" 2018
2016-12-24, 12:49:10
Applique is one of the types of fine machinery, based on cutting, applying various forms and attaching them to other material. Applique includes ways to create works of art from various materials. Children get experience in preparation of the subject or scene images with ready-made forms or prepare these forms yourself. Classes suitable not only entertain children but teach and develop. These lessons well develop imagination, thinking, imagination, fine motor fingers, and most importantly perseverance and patience.
Applique plates are very popular with the children

I love working with unusual expendable. And very pleased to see the enthusiastic eyes of children when they see something new. In my work I often use paper plates, on first glance, the usual plates or anything special, but they can come up with a lot of interesting things, most importantly a little dream.

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but unfortunately cold. To all became a little warmer, we decided to make the plates the application with elements of drawing and design paper on the theme "Winter". We prepared the plates, painted them different colors. From white paper cut out trees, a house cut out of colored paper. All the details are glued on the plate, the work complements snowman, moon and snow. The snow we did the technique "stippling".

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