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Conversation on the topic of "My family" 2018
2017-10-07, 09:24:10
The lesson: Children stand in a circle, the teacher has a ball of yarn. The teacher holds the string hand, says the compliment standing next to the child and gives him the ball. He accordingly passes the ball to the other, telling him a compliment and so until the ball will not be in the hands of a caregiver. Thread of the coil form a closed circle. Look guys we have turned round what he looks like (reflections of children) Yes guys at the sun, which we gathered in a circle, and now we can say we are a close knit happy family. And the conversation we have with you today about family. Let's quietly sit in their places.

Every person should be the family. Why do people have to live with their families, because the family is easier to survive, in the family all love each other, care about each other, always help in difficult times. You also live in the family. Who wants to talk about their loved ones? (stories photographs). As your family care about you? (children's stories)

Listen to the mystery: Who is the fairest of them all? Who on earth all the kinder?

Yes, folks, mom, and all the gentler and sweeter. When mom's around, it becomes warmer and lighter. No wonder they say that when the sun is warm, and when the mother is good.

Now listen to the poem by Mikhail Tanich "About grandma"

If the grandmother said:

Do not touch! So do not you dare!

It is necessary to listen, because

Our home rests on.

We are without a grandmother one day

Made dinner.

Yourself wash the dishes –

And since no utensils!

Cute, kind, a bit gruff, but always fair and grandparents. They raised your parents and are now helping to raise you. Don't forget to congratulate grandparents, birthday, holiday and speak to them kind words that you love them.

Does anyone have brothers and sisters? As you live with them? (children's stories) Little brothers and sisters need to feel sorry, take care of them, to accustom to the order, to share with them the toys.

Your help guys, just needed your parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers. The more you'll help take care of them, not to disappoint, the longer they will be healthy, beautiful and young, they will love you just as you are

Loved you without reason,

That you – the grandson

Because you are the son

For that kid

For what grow.

Because mom and dad similar.

And this love for the rest of your days

Will remain a mystery support your

Now observed a minute pranks (music)

Here's a minute of antics took place and something happened (Broke my mother's favorite vase) you think mom's gonna be mad at us? Show how she gets mad, what will she say? (answers of children) And what we need to do to make mom not mad? (glue, ask dad to help us). But if glue and will not be noticeable, needless to say mom what happened? (Answers of children) Yes, you guys need to apologize, looking straight in the eye, hug her, show how it's done.

All moms love it when kids are telling the truth and curse you will not be for a misdemeanor, but in moments pranks need to be careful not to upset people close to you.

Now let's play a game of "Going to the country" many grandparents, and your parents probably have cottages and go there? And how to get to the cottage, in the garden or garden? (children's responses) And we'll go by car, bus, train or motorcycle. Who do you want to take the country, if on a motorcycle you can take 1 person on a bus – 4; -3 on the car, on the train – 5 (children's responses)

Guys, treat your family the way you would like them to treat you and then your family will always be friendly.
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