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Educational book-baby 2018
2017-11-05, 10:06:28
Dear colleagues! I want to bring to your attention educational book for baby, hand made.

Today in children's stores you can find huge number of different toys. Many parents, when choosing toys for your child, so she was not only beautiful and safe, but also educational. However, not all parents are satisfied with either the price or quality.

There is an alternative purchase toys made things with their hands. These toys have many advantages, which are absent from their purchased counterparts. First, you will be able to invest a piece of your soul, your love for your child that will give the sea of positive emotions for mother and for the child. Secondly will provide an opportunity for the development of logical thinking, development of fine motor skills, for fixing color; learn a lot of the young researcher.

What educational toys can offer to the child that it was interesting and useful. I decided to make developing active book.

After reviewing several of the options found on the Internet by adding your imagination, I made your version educational books. Offered several ideas to parents and they with pleasure have responded to this venture.

What you need to prepare home-made and where to start?

We need cloth of various textures and colors, heat appliques, batting, flizelin rustling materials. Velcro, buttons, in General, anything that will help us in the creative idea.

To begin, I came up with sketch books – Babes, drew conceived on paper. Decided on the size, then started to work. Several painstaking days and here we have book – cuts Made by mother Pauline book – baby we called the "Forest clearing". "Nastina owner" is a toy made by Julia A. Makarova

These books will help little children to develop fine motor skills, classification of color, the development of counting skills, logical thinking, to be careful.

They will delight children, and will be very useful for a walk or, for example, in the clinic, when, in the waiting room, you need something to take the child.

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