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Mitten Santa Claus 2018
2016-12-11, 22:13:44
A gift to grandfather frost - mitten.
Joint activity of teacher and children.
The work can be used by the teacher in the middle group of the kindergarten.

Objective: to strengthen skills of cutting and sticking.
imagination and artistic taste.
to foster an interest in the traditions of his people.

- cardboard blue and red;
- sintepon;
-pictures of fairy tale characters;
- straws for cocktails;
- a Scotch bilateral;
- decoration for staff.

A mitten can give to Santa Claus at the matinee.

Perhaps the child will want to take her home.

Then the mitten can be attached to the window.

And here, in a magical new year's eve Grandfather frost riding a sleigh drawn by three horses, take a mitten yourself a baby leave you a present under the tree.

These gloves will help to decorate a Christmas tree.

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