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The benefits of vitamin A 2018
2019-03-10, 10:29:07
Purpose: to teach children to take care of their health.
Objectives: to form children's ideas about fortified nutrition, vitamin a, its purpose, values for life and health; to educate respect for their health.

Preliminary work: production of cards with the image of food products containing vitamin A.

Materials and equipment: cards with pictures of food products with vitamin A.

Planned result:

- children's understanding of the importance of vitamins for the preservation and promotion of health;

- understanding the need for proper nutrition.


Educator: guys, in the last lesson we learned what vitamins are, and also learned that there are a lot of them. Let's remember what vitamins are?

Children: vitamins are substances that help us cope with diseases, help us grow and develop.

Teacher: Well Done. Today we came to visit Bunny jump.

Our rabbit is very strong, fast and highly able to jump. And all because of a Bunny eating a carrot. In this vegetable there is vitamin A. vitamin A is necessary for vision and bones, as well as skin health, hair, as it helps to fight viruses and bacteria, and early healing of wounds. To find out what products still contain vitamin A, you need to guess the riddles.

Family cow

Learn easily,

What it gives us? (Milk)

There, on the bed – the light,

Traffic lights aren't real.

No beeping, no light.



And green.

These vegetables are delicious.

We'll eat them until spring. (Pepper)

We'll put it on the bread.

And to add to different meals. (Oil)

Can break,

And you can cook,

If you want. —

it can turn into a bird. (Egg)

Teacher: Well done guys, solved all the puzzles. Now let's get some rest, prepare a carrot salad for our rabbit.

Physical culture.

Cut carrots, chop (sharp movements of hands).

We three carrots, three (rubbing her hands).

Salt carrots, salt (RUB the fingertips).

We carrotmash (clenching jaw).

Teacher: now take your seats. Everyone has a card on the table that shows what foods contain vitamin A. it remains to paint our cards. Who will paint your card, can come to me for a vitamin piece of siten garden.
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