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A summary of the lesson-competition in computer science "geniuses and Clever" 2018
2017-01-20, 13:36:59
The purpose of this lesson:
• Review of the material covered, the consolidation of acquired knowledge;
• to develop logical thinking, creative imagination and imagination of the students;
• to enhance the ability of children to focus on the task, to observe the sequence and follow the instructions;
• to nurture self-esteem, confidence in their abilities.



- to keep in the game form the structure of the main devices of the computer;


- development of creative abilities of schoolboys, increase of interest in the subject;

- the development of logical thinking of students;

- development of cognitive interest by gaming technology.


- to foster the ability to work in a team, sense of responsibility for the team;

- education of respect to the opponent, ability to adequately conduct a dispute, the will to win, resourcefulness, ability to work individually and in a team.

Equipment: presentation, a multimedia projector, handouts in envelopes for groups, the Board on which are fixed points, certificates for winners and for participation in the game, music (song "what came To progress").

The competition is held between two classes.

After each competition, the jury sums up the results and the results, announce the winning team.

For each correct answer - 1 point.

The winner is the team with the highest number of points during the lesson-competition.

The event

The room is decorated with balloons. Sounds for children, fun song "what came To progress" (Muz. Eugene Krylatov, lyrics. Yuri Entin). Children enter the hall. Stand in a large circle.

Opening remarks to the teacher.

The game is played with all participants. Children are divided into teams. Choose a name for their team and captains.

Man has always tried to a greater or lesser extent to make their life easier, including in terms of mental activity, and it's not so bad. Because in the process of the search appear remarkable inventions. One of them is personal computer. Without it is impossible to imagine the modern world, it sometimes seems that computers have infiltrated everywhere. Therefore, in addition to the ability to read and write today's boy or girl needs to learn another kind of literacy – computer.

We are with you the whole year was in computer class and learned a lot using the computer.

Now we will check your knowledge about computer.

CONTEST : "do you Know what the computer?"

Think about it, and call the place where the computer helps people.

Shop baby knows how much milk or bread and helps to calculate the cashier how much money to pay for the purchase.

At the station, the computer knows when to come and go all the train. And the computer remembers who bought tickets for the train.

Using the computer you can not only listen music but also to record new music in the recording Studio.

The police computer helps the police to look for dangerous criminals.

Using the computer generated different books, Newspapers and magazines for children and adults.

On the computer you can create new car models, aircraft and other equipment.

The computer can not only watch cartoons, but to create them.

Using the computer builders paint, and then build a new house.

The competition "Guess the riddles on the computer"

Task teams: listen carefully to the task and insert the necessary words

Look, buddy, around!

Here... is a loyal friend.

He'll always help you:

Lay down, deduct and multiply.


The top of the machine all

Located... -

Like a courageous captain.

And it burns ...

(display, screen)

Well, next main unit:

There runs a current

The most important chips.

This unit name is ...


In packaging, such as candy,

Quickly turns ... -

There is a recorded program

And for dad and for mom!


It's ...

That's where the fingers exercise

And gymnastics needs!

Fingers jump there must!


And this, my friends,

Here we need to understand

What is this box?

He pulled the paper,

And now the letters, points,

Commas – line to line –

Prints at the moment!

A very useful tool.


At the zoo is a honey Bunny,

The computer has...

This... is not simple,

This... that's what:

Modest grey boxes

Long, thin transactions

Well on the box –

Two or three buttons.


Your computer went on strike?

The geek hour!

His more call,

And ask: "Help!"

Geek will immediately come,

And instantly bring order.

And in February — it day!

Give compliments,

And say: "no matter How cool

But without a programmer we can't do!"

You all know that my computer now works with numbers, and with text and with photographs and with drawings, sound, and video information. But the first computer was invented for computing, his so-called computing machine.

But really before people didn't have devices to account?

Of course, they were. Let you remember (fingers, abacus, calculator, adding machine)

It was a small warm-up, and now the job more complicated...

The Competition "Logic"

Logical problems

1. Kolya and Sasha are the names Shilov and Gvozdev. What name does each of them if Sasha Shilov live in different houses? (Alexander Gvozdev, Nick Shilov)

2. On the bench were Peter, Bob and nick. Peter right from Bori, Boris to the right of If. Who was sitting in the middle? (Bob)

The contest "Funny riddles"


In the left column to sort the pictures, that boy does is right and right is wrong.

The quest "Call of the computer"

The quest "Pick a sign, which can indicate the transition further...."

The task "Choose the signs which can denote different levels of complexity"

The task "Choose the signs which can specify the output"

The p. T. break

Our computer helps the engineer and the doctor

The astronomer, agronomist, the seller and the violinist.

All the very long calculations performs the same hour

Without mistakes, if the student

Will give the correct order.

Teacher. The machine takes your commands clearly, and let's see if you can also correctly execute the commands.

Rose from behind desks and listen carefully.

The p. T. break for attention.

The Game "Yes-No"

I say the phrase, and you if it is correct, answer "Yes" to squat, if not correct, say "no" and bounce.

1. The computer sleeps?

2. Ink over the monitor?

3. Keyboard running around the Desk?

4. It so happens that the system unit music sings?

5. Mouse without a tail?

6. The printer prints photos?

7. Cursor arrows?

8. Is there a button on the system unit?

Summing up. Award winners

The game is a game. In it there are winners and losers. You need to be able with honor and win with dignity to lose. And yet, the result of our work, we have shown that familiar with the computer and want to be friends with him. Am I right?

Teacher: We're breaking up, but not forgiven.

Now, my friend, a little

Are you familiar with the computer.

If a long road

Bring him to your house

Then you tell everyone around

"Here's a computer's best friend!"

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