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Christmas decoration "On the forest glade" 2018
2017-12-23, 11:00:25
We will need:
Bobin from Scotch tape - 1 piece; Cardboard - 1 sheet;
Corrugated cardboard - 1 sheet, color of any one (in our case, silver); PVA glue; Glue gun;
Wooden figurines; Wooden beads; Braid;
Decorative thin cord (in this master class is silver);
Textured paste with snow effect;
Ruler, pencil, scissors, stationery knife, brush, spatula, shovel.

As a Christmas tree toy, we will immediately execute the hole in the middle of the bobbin. We take a decorative cord (thin, silver color), length about 20 cm (you can adjust the length at will), fold in half and insert it in the hole, tie the knot inside the bobbin, it can be fixed with a droplet of glue.

We take corrugated cardboard, cut across the corrugated 2 strips of width equal to the width of the bobbin. The length of each strip should be measured separately on the outer and inner sides of the bobbin. Glued with glue PVA strip of corrugated cardboard to the inside of the bobbin (the stitch is made from the bottom, on the opposite side of the loop). On the second strip cut small grooves on the ends, they are necessary for the grip of the cord-loop. Paste the strip on the outside of the bobbin.

Next we will stick our figures. In our case, there are two fir trees and a figure of elk that are painted in advance with acrylic paints and "impregnated" textured pastes (the composition can be any, as far as your imagination will allow you). So, on the lower inner part of our bobbin, apply hot glue and set our composition. Hold the figurines upright until the glue cools down. If necessary, you can add more glue.

Next, we will create a simulation of the notice and in parallel "hide" the glue. To do this, we need a textured paste (it is advisable to buy it immediately with the effect of snow). With a spatula we begin to gradually apply a paste on the surface of the glue, after achieving the effect we need - also paste decorated ends of the bobbin. We wait until the paste is dry (the drying time of each manufacturer is different and should be indicated on the package).

The final touch. With hot glue, we stick a braid on the outside of the bobbin, we put on a cord a wooden bead (it will allow you to hide the corrugated cardboard and braids), attach it with a drop of hot glue

We hang a New Year's toy on a Christmas tree and wait for the New Year and the Nativity of Christ.
Beautiful and fun holidays for you !!!

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