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Funny Lambs 2018
2018-01-19, 18:36:35
"Funny lambs!" Master class on making pencils

I present to your attention pencils with New Year theme
Such pencils will decorate your house, create a New Year's mood for adults and children!

We need: sticky paper, scissors, glue, artificial leather, insulation, beads, shavings and a little imagination!
Looking for old pencils.
We glue our pencils with adhesive paper.

We proceed to the image of a lamb: I took a heater - it's shiny on one side, it reminds me of a foil and a soft one (this will be the torso of our sheep, a small plastic case (this is the head)

Cut out the shape of the trunk and paste

Then we add ears - we cut them out of soft leather and glue them.

From light skin, we cut out the legs and a few accents on the trunk

Adding eyes and nose

We begin to decorate our background around the lambs: everything depends on your imagination here! Here's how it turned out for me:

This lamb walks through snowdrifts! And this one-has reached the fir-tree. Here I used beads and plastic shavings

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