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Master class "Frame for mommy» 2018
2018-05-26, 14:32:26

For the manufacture of frames we needed:
- twine (for making loops);
- small, plasti- glue gun;
- solid cardboard (we used an old box);
can be used in any color, according to your idea);
- silver tape (c letters (to write the word "mother". You can use any letters and words):
- decor "wooden butterflies"(you can use any decor on your idea);
- decor "soft heart" (according to Your idea, you can glue any decor);
- white cardboard (for the design of the back cover).

cardbo. First, from hardard, cut out the workpiece for our frames. Silver tape should be tightly wrapped.

blank, and the tip of the glue hot glue. Then apply a loop in the form of twine and fasten the top white cardboard. And then decorate our frame.

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