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"My future profession" 2018
2016-10-08, 18:23:03
Objective: to enhance convergence, the formation of skills of joint activity of parents and children.
Educational: to acquaint pupils with the concept of "profession," to broaden students ' knowledge about careers.
Educational: to promote the development of the ability to think logically, to analyze, to generalize, to develop language, attention, memory, imagination.
Educational: to foster an interest in the world of professions, to awaken interest in self, shaping a positive attitude to learning, ability to work in a team, joint activities with parents.

Methods: verbal (presentation of new material, visual (study of visual material, exercises, poems, games.
Equipment: poster with the image of the professions, the cut house (puzzle, coloring.
Target group: students of class 2 (8 species) and their parents.
The lesson
The introductory part.
Hello guys, Hello dear parents. So ended the summer. But I hope that over the summer you had a good rest and gain strength. We congratulate all with the beginning of the school year, children want to be good and honest to learn well.

Today we are going to have an unusual lesson, lesson-game. And do today will not only children but also their parents.

The main part.

There are many jobs in the world,

But you must choose only one

All that is precious to you in the world

To devote himself to his work.

- We talk with you today about jobs. Profession is an occupation, a labor of love, labor of a lifetime. But it's hard to choose a profession! Because I want to be a doctor, a driver, an astronaut and a diver, teacher and artist. That's why now you can prepare for a serious choice. And what do you know about professions we know.

- Now we'll read a poem. It at the end of each line the missing word is the name of the profession. Try to guess it. Parents help children.

The plane is ruled by ... (pilot).

Driving a tractor ... (tractor driver).

The train ... (train driver).

The walls are painted ... (the painter).

Board planed ... (joiner).

In the house of light held ... (electrician).

Mine works ... (coal miner).

In the heat of the forge (blacksmith).

Who knows – well done!

- Look at the Board, her poster professions. Who wants to go out and show the profession that I've learned. Wishing to go to the Board, show and call profession. Teachers asked how and on what grounds, the learned profession.
- Very good! I learned a lot of professions! Guys, the poster you knew the Builder.

Ready to share his dream,

Want to become a Builder soon.

Houses and palaces will learn to build

And school where children will walk.

The Game Is "Builder".

- Let us now turn into builders. You will need to build a house. Parents can certainly help children. You hear each child cut a painted house that you need to collect as a puzzle.

- What great builders we have in class. All coped!

The p. T. break

- And the next game is called "Who to work". (Teacher asks questions, the children show action hands, feet, facial expressions.)

- What does the janitor?

- What makes a driver?

- What does a painter?

- What does a Barber?

- What does a chef?

- And now let's play a game of "guess the profession". (For several read words, children and parents conceived me guess the profession.)

A cat, a syringe, medication. (Vet.)

Mirror, scissors, comb. (Barber.)

The book, the form reader. (The librarian.)

- Set of needles, thread, fabric. (The seamstress.)

- A stack of student notebooks, pointer and a class journal. (Teacher.)

- Counter products, scales. (The seller.)

Yard, broom, trash. (The janitor.)

- The plane, the wheel team. (The pilot.)

- Water faucet, wrench, pipe. (The plumber.)

Bag, newspaper, letter. (The postman.)

- Camera, film, receipt. (The photographer.)

House, brick, cement. (The Builder.)

Bus, money, ticket. (The conductor.)

- Well done. All coped. How many professions do you know.

And now listen to the poem. And when you hear the name of the profession, clap your hands. Be careful!

Game "Find a profession". (Teacher reads the passage "what do you have?", the children and parents hearing the name of the profession should clap your hands).

"And we have the fire went out - This time.

"The truck brought firewood.

"And fourthly,

Our mom is going in flight

Because our mother

Called the pilot.

Stair said Vova:

"Mother - pilot, well this.

Here If, for example,

Mother of a police officer

And Felts and Faith - both mothers engineers

While Lev's mom - cook,

Mom pilot, well this.

And Nathan said sternly:

"All the more important driver,

Because to Hooks

Mama leads two trailers.

And Nina asked quietly:

"Is it bad to be a dressmaker?

Who sews pants guys?

Well, certainly not the pilot.

The pilot drives the aircraft

It is very good

The chef cooks us compotes,

It is also good.

The doctor heals us from measles,

There is a teacher at the school.

Mom different needed

Mom all sorts of important."

And today, Sasha's mother wants you to tell everyone about their profession. What is this job, try to guess. (One mother tells of her profession – a nurse.)

- What are all done! Guess the profession.

The reflection classes.

- So we made the journey into the world of professions. Do you learn anything new?"

Children respond.

Every person on earth – young and old – must work, because without work you cannot live. The work was, is and will be the basis of life on earth. Your parents go to work. They perform different jobs and assignments, have a different profession. Today you sit at the school Desk. The doctrine is also work and work difficult. Each of you probably wonder what he will be when he grows up. You have plenty of time ahead to choose a profession. Today we talked only about some professions. But already now we can conclude that all works good – choose on taste! We think when you grow up, you will choose the profession that you enjoy, but always remember that every profession is very important!

- Now, guys, let's rest a bit and draw a little.

Children are given coloring books with different professions. Children decorate.

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