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Little rabbits with their own hands 2018
2018-01-25, 13:47:41
Little wonderful bunnies are the decoration of the Easter basket. In the evening, you can make several pieces.

white and multicolored fleece, felt or any one-colored pieces of a rather thin, but durable fabric;
white thread; black thread for embroidery; pink for a muzzle;
white or beige yarn for the tail;
needle, tailor's hairpins;
sintepon (wool) or other filler;
a tissue marker which is easily removed by a wet cloth.

Make a pattern from the paper and trim two pieces of white and pink.

All four parts are folded and fastened with a pin

Sew the contour to the base of the ear

Separate the layers into two and make the first one.

Swipe the needle across all layers. Continue to sew the contour to the end of the detail.

Next sew down - only two layer

We wear the second ear in two layers
The body of the rabbit is ready - it is necessary to embroider the muzzle.

Thread with knot stretch in the mark of the mustache, fasten. Pull the needle to the other side

We make a tail-pomp.

Sew a pomp

These are the rabbits

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