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Children love to make New Year's items by hand.
It brings up their sense of holidays, confidence; develops labor skills. These items can be made under the tutelage of the teacher or parents. Good holidays to you!
Lesson plans 2 class | Views: 1186 | Added: Admin | Date: 2017-12-30

Recommendations for the teacher when working with children with special needs are offered; when working with children with vision and hearing impairments.
Lesson plans 1 class | Views: 1471 | Added: Admin | Date: 2017-12-22

Students with visual impairment should be allowed a few minutes to rest their eyes. Musical therapy and special exercises are ineffective
Lessons Plans for kindergarten | Views: 1347 | Added: Admin | Date: 2017-12-03

Join us for a tree, look, flew bullfinches.

On the branches hang, eyes to his beckon.

Lesson plans 4 class | Views: 1004 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-12-02

Interesting kind of work to offer to students on making gifts of sweets. So I suggest a private experience.

Lesson plans 5 class | Views: 1104 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-12-02

We will talk with you, colleagues, on the topic of soul and spirituality.
The extent to which this topic is relevant, we'll find out with you at the end of our conversation.

Tips For Parents From Teachers | Views: 1193 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-09-04

The Game "What? Where? When?" dedicated to the Olympic games

Participants are invited to choose from 4 possible answers is correct. After students answer the question, the correct answer is displayed on the presentation slide. So guys, check yourself.

New card in question is issued after verification of the results of answer to the previous question.
Physical education | Views: 1204 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-08-14

Columbus day (Columbus Day) second Monday of October
Lessons Plans for kindergarten | Views: 1259 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-30

Christmas in the United States begins with the Northern masses in the night from 24 to 25 December. And then the festival is accompanied by a big feast. In General, the celebration of Christmas in the USA is very colorful, given that this country is multinational.
Regional studies/local lore | Views: 1241 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-29

the formation of harmonious personality of the future man, capable of empathy, friendly attitude to everything around him, mastering his emotions and feelings, understanding the greatness of human life and the ability to find their place in it.

Etiquette lessons | Views: 1036 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-25

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