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Successful socialisation and professional adaptation of the child depends on the changing purposes of education as a social institution and broadcast a certain amount of knowledge (from teacher to student, to the formation of information culture of the child, is able not to "drown" in the surrounding ocean of information, and be able to transform it into their own knowledge, increase his intrinsic motivation.
There is a change of educational paradigm: there are different content, different approaches, different right, different attitude, different behavior, a different pedagogical mindset.
• The most important component of the teaching process becomes
learner-centered the interaction of teacher with students.
• A special role is given to the spiritual education of the individual, the formation of the moral character of the Person.
• The integration of educational factors: a kindergarten, school, family, micro and macro-society.

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The scenario of a lesson-concert dedicated to the International Day of music.
• To broaden students ' knowledge about music.
• To develop creative abilities of pupils.
• To encourage children to participate in extracurricular activities.

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Topic: talking About music

Objective: to Teach children to identify the mood and character of music
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The enrichment of the musical experience of children through the perception of the musical works of various dynamics.
Developing children's knowledge about quiet and loud music, for example musical works;
The development of attention, singing ability, sense of rhythm, musical thinking and perception, the ability to move in accordance with the nature of music, the dynamic of hearing; familiarity with a new way of producing sound;
Perception of interest in music lessons, and emotional responsiveness to music.
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Open music session "Sounds of spring"
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Purpose: to engage children in the spirit of making music using sound gestures, singing, dance, improvised movement. games with tools and objects of the surrounding world.
Music | Views: 1011 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-07-07

Music-themed lesson, "the Birth of music" (with slide presentations) .

The OBJECTIVE is to Stimulate children's interest in music and to enrich the perception of children the beauty of music.

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Lesson objectives: the Development of children's emotional responsiveness to beauty and melody Russian classical music in the process of further development of the language of music.
Lesson type: the Lesson of repetition, study and initial consolidation of new knowledge
Methods of the lesson: explanatory-illustrative with elements of improvisation
Forms of organization of learning activities: group, individual, collective
Age category: grade 1
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Lesson on rhythm for grade 1 children in "the Magic of music, magic, dance"



Goal: create conditions conducive to disclosure of creative potential of personality, introducing students to cultural values, mastering the elements of folk dance, the emotional emancipation.



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Objective: in children of the muses. hearing the singing voice, creativity.
1) to Teach the techniques of playing the children's musical. tools and instruments - homemade products.
2) to Develop the ability to move in accordance with the character of the music and rhythmic pulsations.
3) a sense of compassion for others ' distress.
4) to Develop emotional responsiveness to instrumental classical music.
5) to Develop the vocal apparatus and the purity of intonation of the song "Penguin".
6) Develop a sense of rhythm through sounding gestures.
7) Learn the first figure of the dance "Funny palms" through games.

Arts & Crafts Kindergarten | Views: 1084 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-04-09

Objective: to familiarize the children with the musical culture and traditions of Spain.
- to broaden the horizons of children through exploring music and dance culture of Spain.
-to acquaint children with the national traditions (masquerade, corrida, Carnaval) and folk costumes of Spain.

Arts & Crafts Kindergarten | Views: 884 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-04-09

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