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"In the Palace of the Queen of melody" Open lesson of music 2018
2016-07-05, 19:34:57
The theme of the lesson: "In the Palace of the Queen of melody"
Place of the lesson in the system of lessons: ongoing
Lesson objectives: the Development of children's emotional responsiveness to beauty and melody Russian classical music in the process of further development of the language of music.
Objectives of the lesson:
• explore new means of musical expression of the Melody;
• to consolidate the concept of genre;
• to strengthen the notion of height of sounds, volume, rhythm, meter, share;
• working on the purity of intonation;
• to develop in children the ability to feel the character of the music;
• to develop a sense of rhythm;
• to develop creative abilities of pupils: memory, attention, imagination, fantasy;
• to develop musical horizons;
• to cultivate love for the Motherland, to the beauty of Russian nature;
• to educate the ability to work in a team and respectful to all participants in the educational process

Lesson type: the Lesson of repetition, study and initial consolidation of new knowledge

Methods of the lesson: explanatory-illustrative with elements of improvisation

Forms of organization of learning activities: group, individual, collective

Age category: grade 1
Musical material:
• P I Tchaikovsky Melody.
• P I Tchaikovsky "March of the wooden soldiers."
• P I Tchaikovsky "Disease doll".
• P I Tchaikovsky "Old French song".
• G Galynin "Bunny".
• Kesselman "Little waltz".
• E Krylatov, "lullaby bear" from m/f "Umka".
• Maikapar "In the garden".
• Fun bell.

Equipment: synthesizer, music, children's musical instruments, visual AIDS.

Technology: gaming technology

Lesson plan:
1. Melody is the main element of music.
2. Hearing. P I Tchaikovsky "Children's album".
3. Finger gymnastics "Were the dwarves of guests to invite... "
4. Means of musical expression. Accompaniment.
5. Means of musical expression. Register.
6. Means of musical expression. Dynamics.
7. Young composer.
8. Play "Merry bell".
9. To consolidate the means of musical expression. Dynamics.

The lesson:

Listening to music:(entrance) Ringtone Tchaikovsky

Teacher: In tridevyatom Kingdom, tridesyatom country once upon... Who will live in our tale? Perhaps we are... Because these kingdoms are States around us can see a particular vision. We approach them, opened the castle "door" (open the Barbina home). Look down there... But until we hear only faint echoes of those worlds. Let's imagine that we were in a fabulous musical Palace. And who meets us in doze?
Students: Courtiers, guards, soldiers.
As walk, look!
Don't sing and dance,

Build together...

Students: Marching.

Listening to music (playing)

Tchaikovsky "March of the wooden soldiers."

Teacher: It's a March for these soldiers?

Students: No.

Teacher: And for what?

Students: For toys, wooden, plastic.

Teacher: Where marching toy soldiers?

Students: In the story, in the cartoon.

Teacher: Music is light, playful, magical, light March.

Who is the main music in the Palace?

People: Queen.

Teacher: the Most unusual of Queens. Why unusual? Now I will tell you this musical mystery. Because this Queen is changing all the time. She's funny and her laugh rings like a silver bell sounds (the bell) all over the Palace. She is crying and all the fountains in the Palace filled with her tears. Sometimes it becomes menacing and angry. And then the court hiding. Along with the mood changes and her music clothes. The name of this amazing Queen...

Students: Melody (if not said. Guys today she is mysterious and doesn't want you recognized it right away. But I'll give you a hint play Bird)

Teacher: Melody, and the surrounding courtiers called support. Because they accompany, follow.
Teacher: Melody is? (playing a set of sounds with pauses)
Students: Sounds.
Susana music: (played without accompaniment)
Tchaikovsky's "Old French song".

Teacher: the Sounds appear one by one, they are different. Move up, down, in different ways. We get a melody. What is the difference between the sounds from each other?

Students: They are short, long (podygryshe suggesting) .

Teacher: melody has a sound clothing. Her accompaniment. It can be mild, smooth, heavy, humorous, different.

Listening to music: (playing with an accompaniment)

Tchaikovsky's "Old French song".

Teacher: What sound did you like more? Attended or one melody without accompaniment?

Students: to support.

Teacher: Melody with accompaniment sounds prettier, richer. Sounds accompanied by Denia differ from the melody long sounds. They stretch. For our efforts of courtiers for we have prepared a sweet treat:

Finger gymnastics:

"Were the dwarves of guests to invite

Steel dwarves guests to entertain.

Each guest got a jam

Each guest got jam.

Fingers glued the treat.

Pressed tightly palm to palm,

Guests are not able to take even a spoon.

Teacher: the Queen of Melody there are assistants to Ministers. Minister Register. He carries the music, making it high, medium, low.

Let's see what our Queen of Melody sad. Had stayed with us. How little movements. After all, we are in a fabulous Palace. The court is the ball? And at the ball what are you doing?

Students: Dancing.

Teacher: Couples dancing.

Steps one, two, three"

It's a waltz. Look!

Listening to music: (playing)

Zakharov "Little waltz".

Teacher: What kind of music? How to move sounds to ringtones? Smoothly or abruptly "jump"?

Students: Smoothly, easily.

Teacher: It's a dance. Register middle (show on the synth 1 octave). The melody and accompaniment of smooth, light, dance.

And what is the nature of this melody?

Listening to music: (playing)

G Galynin "Bunny"

Teacher: What sound?

The disciples, Bouncing, easy, fun, jerky. Ringtone here fun.

Teacher: And the case high, medium or low?

Students: High.

Teacher: the song That we sang mother,

When rocked the cradle".

Listening to music: (playing)

E Krylatov, "lullaby bear"

Students: Lullaby.

Teacher: What sound?

Students: Affectionate, gentle, smooth.

Teacher: And what is convenient to do the tune?

Students: To Circle.

Teacher: Let's go for a spin (playing Lullaby)

Teacher: was Hot in the castle. Came out a Queen Tune in the garden. Suddenly blew outside the window, strong wind, clouds appeared. Alarmed the Queen of Melody.

Listening to music (playing)

Tchaikovsky "Disease doll".

Teacher: Clothes are tight, sounds a lot. Sounds support follow right along with the tune. Let's cheer our Queen.

He writes music for you

Tunes playing,

Poems will put it on the waltz

Who writes the songs?

Students: The Composer.

Teacher: Let's become the composers and come up with the melody.

Game, guitar, balalaika

Their common word call-ka

Students: Musical instruments.

(Disassemble tools. Work in pairs, group).

Teacher: Let's come up with the melody about a sad and fun the Queen.

The one who sings songs and listens

Called the listener.

Composer-Mary takes and we the audience-listen.

Let's hear it. Well done. And now let's play

"Merry bell"

Goal: to Form a feeling of complete voice and music suggestions.

Equipment: Bells.

Choir games: the Teacher sings the even-numbered phrase with the words, and children with onomatopoeia

podagrica yourself on the bells.

1. A cheerful bell-

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Laughs and laughs-

Ding, Ding, Ding.

2. In winter he sang almost inaudibly-

Ding, Ding, Ding.

But again the sun came out

Ding, Ding, Ding.

3. And clear drops

Ding, Ding, Ding.

In response he began to sing

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Teacher: Well Done. (collect bells). Our Queen Melody wants to play with us.

Art therapy "Quiet-loud" (quiet and loud sounds)

A soft music quietly walk on egg shells. Imagine that you're holding the doll in his hands. To loud music jump high, lifting the doll up.

Listen to running (Tmho loudly, doll) .

Quiet doll sit

My mom don't Wake

Jump doll fun

Wake mom soon.


A soft music knock with a finger on the finger. To loud music loud clap.

Performed under Quiet-loud (palms, fingers) .

Teacher: We were visiting...

The students: the Queen of Melody

Teacher: Met with who?

Students: the Court - support
Teacher: And with the Minister-Register.
If all sing together
It (chorus) call
Repeat the words of the song.
Show me how we sit when we sing
Feet-the times
Handle two
The back-three
Head four
Get ready to breathe - five
The song Now we are first graders"
Teacher: Well Done. Good job.
A circle on the blackboard. What is the mood you had during the lesson? Select a smiley face or a sad face. Attach it with glue in the circle.

The Queen of Melody is subservient to time. Listen to her gnomes-watch. And now they tell us that our trip is over. Here endeth the lesson. Goodbye.
Pupils: goodbye.
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